This film, shot in Africa, and supposedly based on fact, tells the story of a young engineer sent by the British government to build a bridge over the Tsavo River in East Africa in the late 19th century. The project is plagued by two man eating lions who continusously enter the work camp and kill over 100 workers. The engineer is joined by a noted lion hunter and they team up to kill the lions who successfully elude all of the traps set for them. Meanwhile the British colonial office, whose only concern is that the bridge be completed on schedule, refuses to send any effective help to the two men in their efforts to complete the project on time and preserve the lives of the workers.

The cinematography and the ethnic tribal music are hauntingly beautiful.

The end credits claim that no animals were harmed during the making of the film. If I were not aware of the incredible special effects in the film, I would be tempted to ask for assurance that the same claim be made for the humans in the film.

The film stars Michael Douglas as the hunter, and Val Kilmer as the engineer.

The film's running time is 99 minutes.

New York

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