Gone Girl[2014]

A review by Shlomoh Sherman
October 30, 2014

Gone Girl (2014)
Director: David Fincher
Writers: Gillian Flynn (screenplay), Gillian Flynn (novel)
Stars: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris
Plot: With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent.
Plot Keywords: disappearance - missing person - murder suspect - diary - femme fatale
Taglines: Was Nick Dunne lying? You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone>
Genres: Drama - Mystery - Thriller
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA):
Rated R for a scene of bloody violence, some strong sexual content/nudity, and language
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: October 3, 2014 (USA)
Also Known As: Perdida
Filming Locations: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA, Giant City State Park, Illinois, USA, New York City, New York, USA, Los Angeles, California, USA, Hawthorne Plaza - 12124 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, California, USA
Company Credits
Production Co: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Regency Enterprises, TSG Entertainment, Artemple - Hollywood (uncredited), New Regency Pictures (uncredited), Pacific Standard (uncredited)
Runtime: 149 min
Sound Mix: Dolby
Color: Color

Although promising from the trailers, this film has had negative reviews. Perhaps I just like to see the good in a film. I mean, a movie has to REALLY suck to get my disapproval and GONE GIRL is far from that although I can see why some reviewers were frustrated by the flow of the film.

Nick Dunne meets his wife, Amy, and it is love at first sight. The pairing could not be better. Nick is a financially successful man and Amy is the grown up personna of her parents' children book series, AMAZING AMY. They are the typical upper middle class couple who have made it big in America. But, as the overdub narration in the first minute of the film shows, not all is perfect in Paradise.

Ostensibly Nick and Amy have been happy in their marriage for 5 years. Their 5th anniversary is coming up and suddenly, without warning, Amy has gone missing.

As the film progesses from here, details emerge to reveal that their blissful union was not the happy affair that everyone believed it to be. For one thing, we learn that Nick has been carrying on an extra-marital affair with a local young woman. For another, we find out, that at times, the anger in their marriage has led to domestic violence on both their parts.

Both the police and the media begin to suspect that Nick has murdered Amy. Nick's only ally is his sister, Margo, who believes him innocent of any felonious wrongdoing.

But has Nick actually killed his wife? The film moves on to some surprising and interesting turns of events.

I liked the film but others are somewhat less enthusiastic about its merits. I am sure it will appear on HBO within the next 6 months so look for it, and email me at kingsolnew@yahoo.com to let me know what YOU think of it. I'll be interested to hear.

Ben Affleck has been a favorite of mine since GOOD WILL HUNTING. But his uber-liberal tirade on Bill Maher's show recently has put me off.
Rosamund Pike, is a true beauty. I first saw her in SURROGATES.
Neil Patrick Harris did a wonderful job as Amy's ex-boyfriend. He has come a long way since DOOGIE HOUSER.
Carrie Coon as NIck's sister, Margo, is adorable. This is the first I have seen of her although she has been around for several years doing a lot of TV.

During an August 2014 interview with New York Magazine, Tyler Perry said that he didn't know anything about the movie's source novel or its director, David Fincher, and that he wouldn't have accepted his role in the movie if he had: "I probably would have walked away from it. If I had known who David Fincher was, and his body of work, or if I'd known the book was so popular, I would have said, 'No.' And my agent knew that! He didn't tell me until after I signed on!" See more »

Nick pulls some Dreyer's ice cream out of the freezer. Dreyer's is not sold under that name in Missouri where the movie is based. In Missouri, it is marketed as Edy's ice cream. See more »
During the movie, investigators cut away a piece of the kitchen vent hood with blood splatter in order to analyze it. Later in the movie, when Amy returns home, the vent hood is undamaged.
When Affleck returns home the first time, the front door is ajar, and his cat in on the front lawn. He picks up the cat, places it on the foyer floor, immediately goes upstairs to a bedroom with closed doors and, when he opens the door, the cat is on the bed.
When Desi Collings drops his pants he is wearing white boxer briefs. A few minutes later, the underwear bunched up at his feet are greenish boxers.
Amy allegedly lost lots of blood on the kitchen floor. Later, nobody questions what was the injury that produced so much of it.

Tanner Bolt: Whatever they found, I think it's safe to assume that it is very bad.
Amy Dunne: Amazing fucking Amy is getting fucking married!
Nick Dunne: What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?
Amy Dunne: I'm the cunt you married. The only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like. You think you'd be happy with a nice Midwestern girl? No way, baby! I'm it.

COOL CAT - Written by Simon Thorpe and John Donaldson - Courtesy of APM Music
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Written by Fred Ebb and John Kander
LAW AND ORDER THEME - Written by Mike Post
(DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER - Written by Donald Roeser - Performed by Blue Öyster Cult - Courtesy of Columbia Records - By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
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DRASTIC MEASURES - Written and Performed by Will Collins and Christopher Collins
COLD CASE - Written and Performed by Will Collins and Christopher Collins

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Cast overview, first billed only:
        Ben Affleck   ... Nick Dunne
        Rosamund Pike   ... Amy Dunne
        Neil Patrick Harris ... Desi Collings
        Tyler Perry   ... Tanner Bolt
        Carrie Coon   ... Margo Dunne
        Kim Dickens   ... Detective Rhonda Boney
        Patrick Fugit   ... Officer Jim Gilpin
        David Clennon   ... Rand Elliot
        Lisa Banes   ... Marybeth Elliott
        Missi Pyle   ... Ellen Abbott
        Emily Ratajkowski  ... Andie
        Casey Wilson   ... Noelle Hawthorne
        Lola Kirke   ... Greta
        Boyd Holbrook   ... Jeff
        Sela Ward   ... Sharon Schieber

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