Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral: Is it already filming?

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Is Jeepers Creepers 3 already filming?
By Mark Newtonon
May 2nd, 2014 at 7:18am·

Jeepers Creepers 3 has seemingly been locked in movie-making purgatory for some time. We've known since 2011 that director Victor Salva has wanted to return to the franchise, but so far the only thing we've heard are rumors and speculation.

Last year, we did receive a fairly dodgy looking poster and an obviously incorrect release date of June 1, 2013. At the time, we didn't think much to it, and it seems we were right to. However, now, ShockTillYouDrop have got their hands on information which seems a lot more reliable.

According to 'two excellent sources', the long-awaited sequel has received some major movement in the past few weeks, with one day of shooting reportedly in the can. STYD also reached out to Salva for more information, and although he couldn't say much, the director did reveal:

There may finally be some very good news for those waiting for the third Jeepers film to go before the cameras.
So far, little is known about the actual script for the film. In the batch of 'information' we received last year there was also a synopsis which read as follows:

Trish Jenner (Gina Phillips) is now a mother of a teenage son named Darry, named after the brother she lost 23 years ago (played in the original movie by Justin Long). Trish has a recurring nightmare where her son is being killed by the Creeper. Determined to prevent this from happening, Trish, who is now a rich and powerful woman, sets out on a final quest with Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. to end the Creeper's reign of terror once and for all.
But given the lack of validity for the other information, I think you should take it with a big pinch of salt.

Of course, the good news is that at least some progress is being made in finishing a Jeepers Creepers trilogy.

What do you think? About time, or already too late?

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Are you still interested in a Jeepers Creepers 3?
Sure. Bring it on!
Hmmm, I was, but not so much now.
Nope. Never was. Never liked any of them.
This article was published on May 2nd, 2014

Luis Ortiz May 2 2014
I want to see the "anti-Creeper" a GOOD version with powers of his/her own , who has been hunting the creature since forever. that would be an epic part 3 ...... no?

Chris Ceasar Easley May 2 2014
@Luis Ortiz I like that idea.

Gina Neen Brozak May 2 2014
@Luis Ortiz yesssss

Rick Saint May 3 2014
@Luis Ortiz Boo

Bobby Betke May 3 2014
@Rick Saint I agree with you Rick. The first movie literally CREEPED me out for years and when it I see it is going to be on I ALWAYS watch it. I like the second one but it was too much "teenagers in dangers" ala scream and that lot. I want them to get back to basics with a really PISSED off Creeper!!!!

Jordan Cerberus Brine
@Luis Ortiz Awesome idea! Full blown kick as fight! Be a weird one though

John M. Pride Jr.
@Luis Ortiz kind of like an Anti-Venom idea. Very cool idea props for that one that would be an awesome idea.

Jesse Diaz
@Luis Ortiz yeah that sounds cool but maybe with a new couple of movies. I feel like the this third film were getting has something to finish story wise, I really feel like your idea is good enough for a plot that spawns a whole new trilogy

Alex Logan
@Luis Ortiz Yes Absolutely, its like ying & yang, have it be Trish & Taggart Sr & Jr are going after at first what they think is the Mighty Creeper, But soon come to find this creatureisny only different but is as you said the Idea the Anti-Creeper, and its a creature in its own right like mighty Creeper is, so Trish & the Taggart's follow anti-Creeper as a way to also find and Stop mighty Creeper once and for all

Gavin C. Ware
@Luis Ortiz too cliché smh Let's have something a little more original and without the Van Helsing or arch-nemesis vibe for a change, especially in a horror movie.

David Bateman
@Luis Ortiz  - How's this for an anti-Creeper?
Six thousand years ago a group of faithful and good men and women, decided that the gods was no longer watching the people and that wars and corruption was taking place and to many souls would be left to walk the earth for eternity lost forever, so these people went through a ritual in their hopes to become new gods of the earth , the ritual was a success and six of them out of several survived and their bodies changed, however one of them had the form of some monstrous demon, the five fought against the one and three died and the other was heavily injured, and the demon was not destroyed like the surviving two thought, instead he was cursed and every 23 years for 23 days he was free from his curse. then skip about six thousand years to the farm the Creeper wakes up escapes kill to recover his strength again, the girl Trish (from the first film) looking to protect her son goes out to find and kill the Creeper, she encounters Jack Taggart jr who's also looking to kill the Creeper as he murdered Jack Taggart sr as he escaped, an bunch of shit goes down and eventually they harm the Creeper enough but he escapes them, just then someone is behind them and he/she says "you'll never kill him that way" they ask who he/she is and what she/he knows and he/she explains to them but they don't believe them, but they allow them to help, more shit goes down and then the Creeper ends up in a larger city, something it's been trying to avoid doing throughout it's long life, but the immortal and their new companions had lured him their due to the Creeper only been able to survive through creating fear, the police show up once they find the Creeper killing people in back alleys and JT jr and Trish as well as the immortal force him into the open where the police shoot but to little real effect, Creeper and immortal fight each other head on with the others only looking on and basically been useless the Creeper tries the escape but the immortal crabs Creepers wings and tears them off the Creeper then tries to run the the immortal crabs a shotgun from the cops and blows the Creepers legs off, he then just tires to crawl away but then the immortal bows off his arms. the Creeper screams in rage (and possibly fear?) and the immortal pulls out and strange looking knife with red runes on it and plunges it into the Creepers heart, he/she then explains to the others that it's probably not really dead but merely sleeping once more, the police allow the three to take the Creepers body though they're not happy about it. alone again the the remains of the Creeper JT and Trish ask what's next and they try to ask any means of actually killing the Creeper properly, the immortal mentions it's possible the Creeper is dead this time but the last time they though it was dead as well, they agree to bury the Creepers body parts in isolated area's across the entire world not just the limbs but also he organs, as the immortal has "plenty of time", the other two are relieved that it's finally over however the immortal says to themselves more than the others "possibly, but there's still one more" the other two look at him in confusion and the movies shows us to an unknown location and we hear the immortal mentioning "for every 23 years for 23 days the Creeper awakes and hunts, what they didn't know was, he wasn't the only one" just then the screen is all black and an eye opens.

Sharon Phillips May 2 2014
My favorite horror movie/creature of all time! Waiting impatiently for "23" years for it to come out of dormancy.

Joe Ruiz
@Sharon Phillips hasn't been 23 years it's hard to believe? I hope it comes out this year!

Jake Collis May 2 2014
@Joe Ruiz it hasn't been 23 years! don't be a moron I mean seriously!

Danny Pro Rivera May 2 2014
YES! some hope for Horror Films!

Constantin Zergiebel May 2 2014
Are you serious Danny? Some hope for Horror movies? What are you talking about? That`s just another nail in Horrors coffin!!!

Danny Pro Rivera May 2 2014
@Constantin Zergiebel that was more along the sarcastic line brother

Wade Johnson May 3 2014
 @Constantin Zergiebel----//----DUDE???? Nail in the Coffinp! HORROR??? I ASK YOU---///WTF???? Both movies so far have been great!! And yes I am an AVID movie fan, HORROR as well!! Horror movies being one of my most liked genre of movies!! That is just a low blow!! So I ask again, are movies the ONLY thing you love giving Low BLOWS?? Take it any way you will??!!!

Wade Johnson May 3 2014
I feel they should do the Third and final version of Jeepers Creepers!! But shouldn't get in a big hurry to get it done!! The Creeper movies have Been a huge favorite of mine from the very beginning!! All this he said she said crap just adds to the mystery!! I just can't wait to see how Trish does deal with the mighty Creeper!!!!

Aji Fakhrozi May 3 2014
@Wade Johnson can you like stop using "!" so much? it makes me feel like you're shouting. The caps aren't help either.

Bobby Betke May 3 2014
@Aji Fakhrozi UGH another comment police person. Why can't people just get passionate and express it. no we should all be dull and dumb and wow cool love it.To hell with that!!!!!! Wade you just keep up the ENTHUSIASM all you like!!

Constantin Zergiebel May 4 2014
@ @Wade Johnson Ok DUDE!!! Have fun with JC3, Friday the 13th 18 and Halloween 120. Thats just not my cup of tea. And it doesnt helps Horror at all!!!

Angel Alsoknownas Angelo May 2 2014
I think it's about damn time! Maybe it meant be that we wait for a good ending to this trilogy. Having an expectation to this film may be best worked on with patience. Rushing a film only leads to disappointment.

Gil Venegas @Angel Alsoknownas Angelo If only Avenger Movies weren't rushed sigh
May 3 2014

Josh Ziegelbauer May 2 2014
I want to see the third Creeper movie. I absolutely love the first. And if it goes back to the first movie premise it will be amazing!

Chelle Awesome! May 2 2014
Heard about this many years ago as a teenager and have been waiting ever since!

Matthew David Simmons May 2 2014
Is it me or does kain form legacy of kain look like the Creeper in away? I'm soo tired of waintg for this, but it's going to be worth it! hope it's more brutal and gritt, not that the orginals wernt! great movies indeed, we ned more horror like this(:

Lashanda Steele
I can't wait,,,,,,

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