This is a very sweet and entertaining movie about a young woman discovering a part of herself that she never realized existed. Jessica Stein who is having a hard time finding Mr. Right, decides one day to answer a personal ad posted by a lesbian. Looking at Jennifer Westfeldt, the actress who portrays Jessica Stein, it's just so unbelievable that she cannot find a boyfriend. Westfeldt not only is a credible actress; she is a VERY attractive young lady. The young lady who turns out to be her lover, Heather Juergensen, is also quite good as the  quirky lipstick lesbian, Helen Cooper.

Set in today's New York City, the movie moves smoothly along and the growing love relationship between the two young women is handled very tastefully. The audience cannot help but be drawn into the lives of these two very likable people. I always love watching Tova Feldshuh, who plays Jessia's Scarsdale understanding Jewish mother. Ironically Feldshuh actually grew up in Scarsdale, New York City's upper middle class Jewish suburb to the north.

When Jessica's mother discovers her daughter's affiliation with the gay Helen, she and all of Jessica's NorthEastern, ultra liberal Jewish family and friends immediately accept the relationship. One wonders if life will really one day imitate Hollywood. But in this light hearted film, EVERYONE is so nice and understanding. If you can just sit back and accept the overwhelming "niceness" of every character in the film, then you will appreciate a few hours of sheer entertainment. I did not say "art". Go see it, and don't expect GONE WITH THE WIND.

Scott Cohen, who portrayed the corrput DA pursuing Elanor Frut on TV's THE PRACTICE, plays Josh Myers, Jessica's unaware romantic admirer. I will not reveal the denoument of the story of the woman and the man vying for Jessica's heart.  I highly recommend it.

Kissing Jessica Stein
Directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Written by Heather Juergensen And Jennifer Westfeldt

Jennifer Westfeldt ....  Jessica Stein  
Tovah Feldshuh ....  Judy Stein  
Heather Juergensen ....  Helen Cooper  
Esther Wurmfeld ....  Grandma Esther  
Hillel Friedman ....  Rabbi  
Ben Feldman ....  Himself  
Robert Ari ....  Sidney Stein  
David Aaron Baker ....  Dan Stein  
Jennifer Carta ....  Rachel, Dan's Fiancee  
Ben Weber ....  Larry  
Brian Stepanek ....  Peter  
Nick Corley ....  Howard  
Jackie Hoffman ....  Joan  
John Cariani ....  Chuck  
Scott Cohen (I) ....  Josh Myers  
Rated R for sexual content and language.
Runtime: 96 minutes.

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