A review - by Shlomoh Sherman

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Writers: Edward Kitsis (screenplay), Adam Horowitz (screenplay)
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde
PG  125 min  -  Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi  
Taglines: The Game Has Changed.
Plot: The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father's creation turned bad and a unique ally who was born inside the digital domain of The Grid.
Genres: Action - Adventure - Sci-Fi - Thriller
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)- Rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.
Country: USA
Release Date: 17 December 2010 (USA)
Also Known As: Tron 2 and Tron 3D
Filming Locations: 1150 S Olive St, Los Angeles, California, USA
Production Co: LivePlanet, Walt Disney Pictures
Runtime: USA: 125 min  - Argentina: 127 min

Initially, Cindy and I wanted to see THE KING'S SPEECH but unfortunately it was not playing anywhere in Mansfield.

Two young men who sat in front of us engaged us in conversation before the movie began. They wanted to know if we had seen the original TRON movie made back in 1982. We did and we insisted that the TRON movie must have come out way before the 1980s. But senior moment aside, we had to cop to the fact that in DID actually come out in the 1980s.

Much like the movie PIRANHA, this movie did not have to be shot in 3D. But that's where the similarity ends. PIRANHA [see my review at ] is a waste of celluloid whereas TRON 3D is a thoroughly entertaining way to spend two hours.

Sam Flynn, the son of TRON creator, Kevin Flynn [role reprised by that wonderful actor, Jeff Bridges], investigates his father's disappearance and finding his dad's original workshop, is himself drawn into the same electronic world of violent computer games where Kevin was pulled in in the original TRON movie.

Sam discovers that this micro world is run by his father's creation, Clu, a despotic program who wants to rule, not onlhy the world of games but the world of humans as well. We discover that Clu [also played by Jeff Bridges whom we were sure had to be another actor] has been keeping his creator, Kevin, captive since his disappearence several years earlier. We also learn that Kevin's world had self-generated bio-digital entities known as "isomorphic algorithms" who had the power to perfect our real world. Clu killed these creatures off for fear that they would usurp his position as ruler. Unbeknown to him, one isomorph, Quorra, has survived the genicide, and it is she who chooses to help Sam and his father return to the real world outside the computer.

The film is filled with such marvellous digital special effects that you forget to be annoyed by the predictable storyline and mediocre acting. The visual panorama, the wonderful musical score, and even the sometime moments when you remember that you are wearing 3D glasses, serve to make this film worthwhile seeing. We completely recomend it as a fun activity.

Euclid, OH
January 11, 2011

Cast overview, first billed only:

Jeff Bridges Kevin Flynn / Clu
Garrett Hedlund Sam Flynn
Olivia Wilde Quorra
Bruce Boxleitner Alan Bradley / Tron
James Frain Jarvis
Beau Garrett Gem
Michael Sheen Castor / Zuse
Anis Cheurfa Rinzler
Serinda Swan Gem
Yaya DaCosta Siren #3
Elizabeth Mathis Siren #4
Kis Yurij Half Faced Man
Conrad Coates Bartik
Daft Punk Masked DJ's
Ron Selmour Chattering Homeless Man

Trivia - In addition to the soundtrack, Daft Punk are spinning the tunes in Zeus's bar.

Goofs - Anachronisms: Flynn's Arcade was supposedly locked up when Kevin Flynn disappeared in 1989. However in the scene where Garrett Hedlund is walking through the arcade, one of the machines is Mortal Kombat, which wasn't released until 1992.

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" Written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart Performed by the Eurythmics Courtesy of BMG UK & Ireland Ltd

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