OCTOBER 8, 2004

Taped at Best Western Hotel, Fairfield, NJ

President Bush and his billionaire friends get together for a working breakfast to discuss where the Administration is at ...

This show, was featured on WABC's 20/20, it aired on February 4, 2005
This satire was produced by Mike Z Productions.

The photo to the left shows me posing with Mike Z

Below are some photos of the taping.

Our fearless leader, President George W. Bush

The President being miked by Mike Z

Tim, the President's makeup man.

Tim and the 20/20 segment producer chat on the set.

20/20 camera man and segment producer

Tim, preparing the President for his closeup.

Setting up the shot. The President being briefed by a secret service man.

Friends of the President awaiting his arival.

The president preparing himself for the shoot.

Cue cards for the President.

More cue cards for the President.

The 20/20 camera man gives the President a few words of encouragement.

The President's friends contmeplate his remarks.

Vice President Cheney keeping an eye on the President as the secret service man takes a break.

The President along with the Vice President and the secret service man watching a replay of the shoot.

President Bush graciously posing with Shlomoh.

Mike Z poses with Shlomoh as the Vice President looks on.