Filmed in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY - Summer, 2003

From the Hilltop Pictures Website:

“All The Wrong Faces” is a dark romantic comedy, an anti-lovestory about looking for love. Our hero is baptized in heartbreak and enters the world of single urban twenty-somethings shocked to find gender roles reversed. He fumbles through attempts at relationships only to cling to a vulnerable beauty that becomes the instrument of his own destruction. Be careful what you wish for. I play Charlie, an older version of the hero.
"All the Wrong Faces" is the first feature film from writer/director Michael Gongora, Cuban filmmaker and general smartass.

The photo to the left shows me as Charlie, a bar fly.

Below are some photos of the shoot.

Way to go, Mike! It was great! Regards to cast and crew!
written/directed by Michael Gongora
Cinematographer Andrew “Drew” Ravani
Make up Artist Ria Mae Binaro
Boom Operators / Sound Dennis Kalligas - Erik McCartney
Production Assistant / Gaffer Isreal Mirsky
Location Managers - Jeremy Scheinbach - Ardiana Dervifhi - Kimberly Sue Rubens-Quiros - & Sheri Saltzberg
Editor Phil “The butcher from Bensonhurst” Messerer & Skippy Gongora
Sound Mix Liz Lysinger
Assosciate Producer Manish Gupta
Produced by Michael Gongora
hilltop pictures
In association with Sugar Factory Films & Promethean Productions