The above photo shows me as Dick, the computer boss who interviews Karen for a job.


Filmed on January 24, 2006

From the website, dated Thu June 22, 2006

Short film written and directed by Chris Notarile and released online in 2006.

Stars of the film included Tawnya Manion as Power Girl, Tony Dadika as the angry customer, Dwayne Thomas as the smarmy boss, Shlomoh Sherman as Dick, the computer boss, Chris Notarile as Ted Kord, Brandon Goins as Michael Carter, Niki Notarile as Selina Kyle, and Andrew J. Davis as Solomon Grundy.

The plot is closely related to a storyline in the first four issues of DC Comics' "JSA Classified" (written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Amanda Conner) in 2006. That storyline focused on Power Girl, a superstrong blonde bombshell. At one point in the story, her powers ran wild and she ended up wrecking a nice big chunk of New York City. The movie takes this event as its jumping-off point -- the Justice Society, the Justice League, and her cousin Superman all insist that Power Girl -- Karen, to her friends and teammates -- take a break from superheroing and get a normal job. But Karen isn't used to living a normal life -- she doesn't have much of a wardrobe outside of her super-costume, and she's never held a job that didn't involve punching supervillains into the next state. Can she successfully hold down any job without either humiliating herself or injuring innocent bystanders?

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Power Girl is on the phone with Superman AKA Clark Kent.

POWER GIRL You canít be serious?
CLARK Iím sorry Karen. The Justice League insists on it.
POWER GIRL Oh come on, Clark. It wasnít my fault! Just ask Huntress! Sheíll tell you!
CLARK Itís out of my hands. Listen, donít look at this as a punishment. Think of it as some time off. Just enough time to clear your head and let your powers adjust.
POWER GIRL I donít need any time off. What I need is to find out what the hell is going on!
CLARK Thereís plenty of time for that later. Now Iím telling you, take it easy. Just for a while. Consider it time to work on that secret identity of yours.

POWER GIRL You mean the one I never have time to use.
CLARK You have some time now. Work on it.
POWER GIRL What do you want me to do? Get a job? I donít know how you do it, but Iím no good at the 9-5, Clark.
CLARK Karen. Iím not asking you. Iím telling on behalf of the Justice League and the Justice Society. Get a job, and keep yourself busy. Just for the time being. Understand.
POWER GIRL Oh yeah. Thanks a lot, Clark.
CLARK Call me if you need anything.
POWER GIRL Whatever.

She hangs up the phone.

Power Girl slouches back on her couch. She looks around her room and sighs. She picks up a news paper and begins to job hunt.

Written on Screen: ďPower Girl (Classifieds)Ē

Power Girl searches the papers looking for a job. She finds something and circles it with a red sharpie. The ad says dress appropriately. Power Girl stairs down at her cleavage on her costume.


She gets up and looks into her closet. There are few to no clothes in there. Power Girl takes whatever she can find and changes. As she leaves her apartment, she passes a card board box filled with door knobs.


Power Girl is walking amongst the people. She has a piece of note paper with an address scribbled on it. She searches for the location. She eventually finds it and walks in.


Power Girl is sitting in a chair. The man hiring her is sitting behind his desk. He looks at her and takes notice of her enormous chest that cant really fit inside her blouse. She glances up at his face.

DICK Well, I donít know. This job can get a bit hectic. Are you sure you can handle it?
POWER GIRL Yeah. Iím used to dealing with life or death situations.
DICK Well thatís good. But, Karen, right? Are you sure you want to work in customer service? You will have to really deal with people on a one on one basis. You wonít be able to just shoe them away. Is that something you are prepared to do?
POWER GIRL I deal with screaming and crying people every day of my life. I think I can handle a couple of cranky customers.
DICK Ok then.


Power Girl is sitting behind a desk with a very blank yet unsatisfactory look on her face. A costumer comes up and begins to yell at her.

CUSTOMER Excuse me, miss. I bought this printer for my wife as a gift last month. And when we finally got to use it, the damn thing wouldnít work. I called tech support and they came over and told me I should get it replaced.
POWER GIRL Ok, can I see your receipt please?
The man hands her the receipt.

POWER GIRL Iím sorry sir, this is the wrong receipt. This is for an HP 820 printer, you have an ES 460. I canít do anything for you.

CUSTOMER What? No itís not. This is the same receipt the lady gave me when I bought this thing!
POWER GIRL Well she must have made a mistake then, but I canít help you. Either you get the correct receipt for this printer or you find the lady that sold you this and bring her here.
CUSTOMER I donít remember who sold me the printer. Canít you just let me exchange it?
POWER GIRL Iím sorry sir, itís store policy.
CUSTOMER Screw your store policy! I bought this printer and it didnít work, now I want to exchange it!
POWER GIRL Sir, please stay calm.
CUSTOMER I am calm! Now exchange this printer or Iím going to call the better business bureau!
POWER GIRL Would you like to speak to a manager sir?
CUSTOMER Yes I would!
Power Girl calls the manager.

POWER GIRL (ON THE PHONE) Can you send Steve down here. One of the customers is having a problem.
CUSTOMER My problem is you and your incompetence!
She grits her teeth and tries to keep cool.

POWER GIRL Just a moment sir. (on the phone) What do you mean Steve isnít there? (pause) Great, well when will he be back? (pause) Then send someone else! (pause) Youíre kidding right? (pause) -moans-.
Power Girl hangs up the phone and looks to the customer and smiles.

POWER GIRL Iím sorry sir. None of the managers are currently available at the moment. But if you could come back at a later time, Iím sure they will be available then.
CUSTOMER Excuse me. I just drove all the way from Gotham. I am not coming back at a later time. Now either you fix this or I am reporting you!
POWER GIRL Listen. This is not my fault. And itís not my problem. Now Iím telling you, come back another time and hopefully we can work this all out.
He puts the printer box up on the counter.

CUSTOMER No! You exchange this now and thatís final!

Power Girl stands up and slams her fist onto the printer.

POWER GIRL Iím telling you I canít exchange.....

She looks down at the box. She smashed the printer. She looks up at the customer and smiles.


She is sitting on her couch looking for more work. Her classified section of the paper has many red markings in it. She circles another job.


Power Girl taking orders.

SELINA Iíll have a grandeí vanilla latteí with caramel and milk. A lot of milk. And get a move on.

She looks at Power Girl.

SELINA Do I know you from somewhere?
POWER GIRL I donít know, I...
SELINA Never mind. Cut the chit chat. I donít have all day.

Power Girl sneers at Selina as she orders the coffee. Selina gets drink and leaves. As she does, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and the Star Spangled Kid enter in regular clothes.

STAR GIRL Oh my god.

She giggles. Power Girl looks up.

POWER GIRL Oh come on guys, not now.
BLUE BEETLE Iím sorry Karen. Booster and Star didnít believe me. And then I heard you were here and I had to see it for my own eyes. I mean, this is just too funny.

They all laugh at her.

POWER GIRL Shut up Ted!
BOOSTER GOLD This is priceless.
POWER GIRL Shut up Michael! Iím working, ok? Which is more than I can say for you!

BOOSTER GOLD Yeah but you just look so miserable doing it.
BLUE BEETLE Thatís why itís so funny.
POWER GIRL Shut up Ted!
BOOSTER GOLD You know Planet Krypton is hiring. You should have asked me, I could have gotten you a nice job there.
BLUE BEETLE Yeah. You could impersonate yourself. I hear the tips are great.

He laughs again.

POWER GIRL Shut up Ted, or Iím going leap over this counter and beat you to death with your own arms!

STAR GIRL On that note. Have fun Karen. We gotta go.

Blue Beetle, Star Spangled Kid and Booster Gold leave. Power Girl pouts. She is not happy. As she turns to take a break, she bumps into a co-worker who splashes her with coffee all over. Power Girl stands there soaked and mad as hell. She glances at the guy who did it.

POWER GIRL You son of a....


She is looking through the papers again. She is determined this time to get a job and keep it. Her paper is partially shredded.


Power Girl is a temp. She is sitting in front of the computer. She is typing very well. This is actually something she CAN do. As Power Girl types, her boss comes over to her.

BOSS Hi Karen. How are things going?
POWER GIRL Actually, pretty good. Whatís up?
BOSS Oh not much. Can I see you in my office?
BOSS When you get a minute. Iíll be waiting.

The boss walks away. Power Girl looks at him with concern. To her knowledge, she hasnít screwed up once.


Power Girl enters.

POWER GIRL You wanted to see me?
BOSS Have a seat.

He gets up and walks around her.

BOSS Karen, I know youíre new around here. And I have to say, youíre doing a great job. You really are. But there comes a point when you have to ask yourself, is there where I want to be the rest of my life?
POWER GIRL I heard that.
BOSS Of course you donít. Youíre a young aspiring woman. You donít belong in a lowly job like this.
POWER GIRL Yeah. Youíre right.
BOSS Good, weíre on the same page. Listen, I want to help you get as far in your career as possible. But I canít do that unless you help me.
POWER GIRL Sure, what can I do for you?

He puts his hands on her shoulders.

BOSS Oh Iím sure we can work something out....
POWER GIRL Youíre kidding right?
BOSS Kidding? I donít know what you mean.
POWER GIRL What are you implying? How do you want me to help you?
BOSS Hey, Iím just talking about favor for a favor. Office work. What are you trying to imply?
POWER GIRL Your hand was just rubbing my shoulder! What the hell else do you think? You were trying to take advantage of me.
BOSS Whoa! I respect the everyone in this office. And I do not believe in sexual harassment. Now for you to go ahead and immediately assume I wanted anything from you is just absurd and uncalled for.
POWER GIRL Whatever. Youíre sick.

She gets up and walks out.

BOSS You walk out of this office, and youíre fired. You try to tarnish my reputation with anyone and Iíll see to it you never work in this town again.

She turns back to him and grabs him by the tie.

POWER GIRL You know what. You can take this job, and shove it up your ass. I donít have time for this...

She turns and walks out again.

POWER GIRL Iím Power Girl dammit.

As Power Girl leaves, she rips off her blouse revealing her mighty cleavage.


Solomon Grundy is tearing up the city. He is on a rampage.


Power Girl walks up behind him.


Grundy turns to her and growls.

POWER GIRL I thought so.

Power Girl smiles as she pulls back and throws a mighty punch at Grundy.


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