Neo-Shtick Theater Presents!

"An Evening of Highly Self-Indulgent, Semi-Autobiographical Theater"
At the NYC International Fringe Festival,
Aug. 15-28.

Meet the Production Team!

Eric Oleson, director: Educated at the Sorbonne and the Yale School of Drama, Eric Oleson is obviously not the person being described here. But aren't the preening, pretentious losers at both those institutions going to be jealous when they see that Eric is no longer just a waiter at Le Pain Quotidien anymore, but a waiter at Le Pain Quotidien with a hit show downtown that he's not getting paid for! If that isn't success, we don't know what is. Lawrence Goodman bones up for an upcoming role in Hamlet while Gersh Kuntzman bones up for an upcoming role in "T, A and More A: The Gena Lee Story"

Gersh Kuntzman, producer, writer, starlet: Gersh Kuntzman is a tabloid hack, first and formost. Since 1993, Gersh has been at The New York Post, first as a reporter and, later, as a columnist. A series of columns he wrote on the annual hot-dog-eating championship at Coney Island inspired the award-winning film "Red, White and Yellow." Variety magazine called Gersh's performance in the film "outstanding" and "a breath of fresh air, albeit tinged with garlic and secret spices, blowing through all of Hollywood ." In 2001, Gersh started writing a weekly column for Gersh is also the author of "HAIR! Mankind's Historic Quest to End Baldness" (Random House, April 2001), that classic social history of male pattern baldness. He has plenty of hair, though. Later, Gersh turned his creative talents to theater. His forthcoming production, "SUV: The Musical!" was credited with pressuring the Bush administration to reconsider its plan to drill the entire nation for oil. Thanks to that, now Gersh is being toaste d by some of the greats on Broadway: Kushner, Nunn and Spinella

Lawrence Goodman, writer: After completing a six-month sentence in a federal jail for conspiring to replace the fine coffee they normally serve at Le Bernardin with Folger's Instant, Goodman has focused on playwriting, a career choice his wife dismisses as "a lame excuse for not making more than $12,000 a year." But know this: there is not a sexier, wittier, more-intelligent vegetarian working in theater today. His play, Rain Later, which premiered at the Brick Playhouse in Philadelphia, was described by cr itics as "unremittingly bleak" (Philly Daily News) and "exactly what happens when you expose a complete amateur to too much Harold Pinter" (Mrs. Goodman). His first novel, Ulys-sleaze, chronicles the exploits of a young Lubavitcher rabbinical student during the heyday of the California hot tub scene. It will be published by Bantam in the fall.

Meet the Actors!

Stephanie Pezolano: A gifted actress, Stephanie is best known for her work in driver training films, "How-To" videos and travel brochures. Did you see her in "Malta: Yours to Discover"? Genius!

Shlomoh Sherman: Shlomoh has been in show biz since his retirement from the 9-5 world in 2002. He is an actor, stand-up comic and a Romantic poet. He's appeared in "Chappelle's Show," "The Sopranos," "Sex & The City," "Law And Order" and "Hope And Faith." His film work includes "The Manchurian Candidate," "The Ballad Of Betty Page," "The Forgotten" and "Waiting For Maggio." He's performed stand-up comedy all over town, and is a member of the Like2Laugh troupe. Shlomoh speaks several languages, including Spanish and Yiddish. His website is at
And keep your eye out for his next project, "The Tony and Shlomoh Show."

Hal B. Klein: Learned the true meaning of life when shortly after receiving a postgrad diploma in classical acting (in London), he found himself playing an Elf at a casino. Other brilliant parts include a groundhog in a second grade class, and several varieties of native trees at a nature preserve. Speaking of nature, Hal enjoys weeklong camping trips in the artic, and "get back to the Earth" months in the high Andes. What's really true about this? Check out He really did play an Elf at a casino.