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The Tony And Shlomoh Show ran as a free wheeling, irreverent comedy show out of Fairlawn, New Jersey, and eventually also out of Manhattan and the Bronx, NYC from 2004 until 2006.
Ultimately and unfortunately, other commitments arose in the careers of the show's hosts and the show ended after 12 episodes.
Below you will find smoe of the skits that aired on the show. There are also some still extant video clips of the show which you will be able to get to from the link at the bottom of this page. Please enjoy, and send us feedback if you wish.!

  • The Minister Of Purgatory It seems like all who sin want to get into Purgatory. BUT! The Minister of Purgatory lets very few people in. He is VERY stringent about admittance. When our reporter asked him who is eligible for Purgatory, the Minister was quoted as saying, "Well, actually, Purgatory is for people who are not really that bad. In fact, basically they are good. It's just that -- they swallow!" All WE can say is - If the shoe fits Click HERE

  • The Abduction Of Paris Hilton While our news reporter was interviewing McSeenkew, leader of the CLA, in a neighborhood bar, Paris Hilton happened to pass by. McSeenkew saw this as an opportunity for the McGinness Liberation Army to get recognition and some cheap pathetic publicity. She grabbed Paris and made her demands. Paris merely took it all in stride as part of another exciting day in never-never land! Will the Liberation Army succeeed in this ghastly plot? Click HERE

  • The Ten Commandments Revisited Ok, Mr DeMille, Moses and Pharoah and that whole wacky Egyptian court are ready for their closeups. Charton Heston, you better watch it! When our tongue-tied Moses encounters hip-hop Ramses, the pyramids shake - with laughter! Click HERE

  • The 3 Wise Guys Visit Virgin Mary The Three Wise Guys Visit The Virgin Mary To Bring Baby Jesus Gifts. Shmoh, Burly, and Barry get into slapstick conversations about the gifts they are bringing baby Jesus. Mary the Virgin has a difference of opinion as to the appropriateness of the gifts. Click HERE

  • The Moisheviki Code Just where did Dan Brown get all his information in order to write THE DAVINCI CODE? Well, from Seymour Moisheviki, the secret disciple of Jesus who left a secret scroll with information that will make the very Vatican tremble, and will upset all of our Judeo-Christian thinking forever more! Thank goodness our man Tony took 3 years of Aramaic in Fairlawn, NJ High School so that he can translate the scroll for us. Bet you didn't know that when Jesus was offered vinegar on the cross that it was balsamic vinegar. The Romans even offered him a salad to go with it. Click HERE

  • The Tamer Tewfik Jazz Trio This magnificent group of jazz musicians has graced THE TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW with their incredible musical talent. Their songs will be featured on 3 episodes of the show. This taping was done at Dillon's Bar located in midtown Manhattan on September 22. Joining the group was Rhe de Ville, a remarkably versatile songstress whose singing style is magical. We look forward to working with Hallie and the Group in the future as well. Click HERE

  • The Interview With Al Goldstein
    at the 2nd Ave Deli We interviewed the former King of smut at the 2nd Avenue Deli, and after our interview, he got fired! What's going on here? Are we worse than he is? Click HERE

  • Taping the 3rd Episode at the Cablevision Studios Tony and Shlomoh taped the repartee section of the 3rd show. Most of the skits and other features are taped out of studio. This episode's repartee dealt with the upcoming interview with Al Goldstein which will be seen in two installments. Shlomoh also discusses his ordination as the first still Jewish Roman Catholic clergyman. Tony and Shlomoh discuss their knowledge of Latin and why the RC Church decided to drop Latin as a liturgical language. Click HERE

  • Interview With God Tony and Shlomoh interview the Almighty and find out what life is REALLY all about! Click HERE

  • Interview With Satan Tony and Shlomoh interview the Other Guy - er -GAL! and find out that Satan is really a woman! Click HERE

  • The Jew Klux Klan Tony and Shlomoh discuss new organization, the Jew Klux Klan, whose mission is to separate dairy from meat. They plan to burn a Jwish star on the White House lawn! Afterwards they read the latest edition of Playgoy. Click HERE

  • Religion In Your Face A Sunday morning TV relgion show features a 'dialog' between a rabbi and a priest. The sparks fly as ecumenicism takes second place to heated controversy. Click HERE

  • Women In The Bible Tony and Shlomoh discuss the holy females in the Bible and just how sexy they were! CLICK HERE

  • The Passion Of The Christ Watch out Mel Gibson! Tony and Shlomoh got you covered with their own unique version of your stupid unhistorical movie! Click HERE

  • Taping of the 9th Episode - Jews For Jesus - 9/13/05 Shlomoh joins Jews For Jesus and Tony talks to the Pope about Shlo's "conversion". The essay contest winner, June, reads her award winning essay. Click HERE

  • Taping of the 10th Episode - 10/25/05 The boys read fan mail and hate mail. Comic Joey Barronton gives his rendition of THE ARISTOCRATS joke. Click HERE

  • Taping of the 12th Episode - 4/4/06 It's Shlomoh's birthday and he has to share it with the arch villain of the 3rd Reich. The Fuerher's secretary comes to visit and wish Shlomoh a happy birthday! Click HERE

  • THE LOST EPISODE - 7/10/09 Recently, while rumaging through the TV studios, among the archives, a lost, unrecorded episode came to light. Click HERE

The TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW had a comitted core of talented writers, actors, standup comics, and musicians.   CLICK HERE to check them out!
To see clips of the shows, bits and skits,   Click HERE

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