The Tony And Shlomoh Show
The Cast and Crew

Tony Dadika

Corporate executive turned actor, Tony came late to the acting scene. His passion for character acting has landed Tony numerous roles, all within a short time. Film: Mom vs. The Undead (Zombie); Axe Massacre (Psychotic Killer); The Punisher(Mob Boss); Life On The Ledge (Street Thug) was a big hit in the Tribecca Film Festival . . Tony has been seen in numerous television appearances, Law & Order; Hope & Faith; As The World Turns; David Chappelle’s S how; and The Jury.He was in production of Southern Gothic a supernatural soap opera set in the 1860's .His role was that of a very nasty whiskey baron. He has performed numerous roles from priest,mob boss police,FBI,father, plumber,judge,general,doctor,and most recently Dick Cheney. Aside from performing, he is involved in writing, production, as well as starring in The Tony And Shlomoh Show. Check out his web site at

Shlomoh Sherman

Shlomoh has been in show business since his retirement from the nine to five work world in 2002. He is an actor and stand up comic; also a romantic poet.
Shlomoh has appeared in many television shows including the Dave Chappelle Show, The Sopranos, Sex And The City, Law And Order. His film appearences include The Manchurian Candidate, The Ballad Of Betty Page, The Forgotten, and Waiting For Maggio. Shlomoh appeared in two one act plays presented at the Pines Fire Island Repertory Production Company He is currently appearing in a leading role in one of the presentations in this year's New York City Fringe Festival He has performed stand up comedy at various comedy clubs, and is a member of the Like2Laugh standup comedy repertoire group.He has studied with comedy coach Jeff Gurian, and is a graduate of the comedy improv cirriculum at The Second City Training Center. Shlomoh speaks several languages, including Spanish and Yiddish. He maintains a website at He is co-producer of, and comic actor in, The Tony And Shlomoh Show. Check out his website at

Dave Broitman

Dave Broitman discovered his talent for writing as he graduated pharmacy school. He went on to win several writing contests and directed his first feature comedy, "So Real?", due out in late 2005. He's written, produced and starred in several shorts and co-stars in the feature "Deceptors." Dave is currently developing a reality show and a sitcom and hopes to become the next Larry David. Dave recently became a co-producer of the Tony And Shlomoh Show. Check him out at his website SoReal.Com

Chris .R. Notarile

Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Chris is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He has a BFA in Animation and a minor in Film and has worked on various projects in film and television.
In 2003, Chris was hired as Art Director and Special FX Artist for an independent short called, “Sadie Hawkins Day”. A Dramadey-Slasher about a love-struck deformed monster. That summer, he interned for Curious Pictures on a stop-motion sitcom, parodying Hollywood’s biggest hits, called “The Wrong Coast”. Shortly after, Chris was hired as editor of the improv. comedy film, “Keep IT Among Kin”. In February of 2004, he was hired as an intern at 4 Kids Productions where he worked on the Saturday morning action series, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. In May, Chris climbed on board as Director for a promotional short called, “The Prowler”.
After the film’s completion, Chris quickly began work on an endeavor, of his own, “The Nightmare Ends on Halloween”, which pit horror icon, Freddy Krueger against Michael Myers. The short was so successful, that and, the official website of the “Halloween” series, offered to host the film on the site for the month of October. Due to the success of the film, Chris quickly followed up with ”Friday the 31st : Michael VS Jason”. With in a week of it’s release, Chris’s website, crashed three times due to excessive downloading of his film. Both films were recently shown at Monster Mania 3 in May and received countless praises and enthusiastic comments from horror film veterans, Robert Englund, Doug Bradley, Michael Berryman, Dee Snider and Lisa Wilcox.
Chris is currently completing work on several new films: “Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey”, “Kill or be Killed”, “Jason XX”, “The Knight Waltz : Batman vs Catwoman”, “Avoiding Puberty” and “Redemption : Batman vs Punisher”. Most if not all of these new films are expected to be completed by the end of the year and will all be shown on Chris’s official website: .
You can also see his work here:

Zviah Sherman

Zviah is a 36 year old video editor who is multitalented. She has created several bits which have appeared on our show. Additionally she is a competent poet, actress, director, and segment producer. Durng the 1990s, she had her own cable access show in Manhattan, NYC, known as THE ADVENTURES OF SUBWAY GIRL. Zviah became the mother of a sweet baby girl on September 11, 2004, Shlomoh's first grand-child.

Rebecca Jupiter

Rebecca Jupiter was born and raised in San Francisco, where she attended the French American International School and became a world-class snob. She has since moved to Hawaii, New Hampshire, France and finally New York City. She has danced ballet in Carnegie Hall, sung for the mayor of Rennes in France and written a chemistry book for Simon and Schuster. Rebecca recently performed in Manhattan as the evil and complex "Worm" in "This Jungle of Cities," as an angel in "Job and the Snake" and as a gold-digging but ever-so-charming moll in "Guys and Dolls." Rebecca will soon be seen on MNN as the down-to-earth midwife "Miriam Miller" in "World Energy." She is grateful to her excellent teachers Helen Gallagher and Carol Rosenfeld at HB Studio and to former ballet mistresses Rosemarie Lindt and Andrea Gaudet.

face=arial River Taylor Starr

River is an exotic dancer and porn starlet who has recently moved to New York City from Tampa, Florida. She has been a model since age 13. She attended John Robert Powers and aspired to be a supermodel. She has been in the adult industry for over 5 years, mostly working as an exotic dancer and doing websites and videos. She took acting classes when she was younger and has appeared as an extra on several TV shows. She has done magazine layouts; most recently for Screw magazine in New York. She also works as a dominatrix in midtown Manhattan. Her YAHOO profile can be found at .
Her online bio can be found at
and at

Moshe (Mo) Gelber

Mo was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in an ultra-orthodox insular Jewish community.He was educated through high school at Lubavitch Yeshiva, a Hasidic all boys religiously strict academy. After being denied admission to a prestigious rabbinical seminary, he spent the next few years traveling around the world trying to discover and re-invent himself.
Mo, a political activist, practical joker, performance artist, musician, and live audio systems engineer has made a career from playing bass guitar in many different bands. The progenitor and creative force behind "MIDBAR", the first all Hasidic heavy metal band, Mo now plays bass guitar with the David Lazzar Band ,a rock band with a spiritual message.
He has done extra roles in many movies, tv shows and commercials. Recently he has been given a starring role in the documentary, "A Question Of Faith", which explores the lifestyles of the fringe elements within the Orthodox Jewish community. He is currently writing his first feature length film, "Jimmy Justice", about a vigilante super-hero who defends the common citizen against unfair parking tickets. Recently joining the cast of the Tony and Shlomoh show, Mo says that his experiences on the show have given him a case of priapism.

Laura Mae Baker

Laura Mae, a veteran of New York theater, has been seen Off Broadway in the bawdy adult musical "Alice in Wonderland" at Studio 54 as Alice and in numerous Shakespearean productions in New York City, including "Macbeth" (three times!), "King Lear", "Midsummer Nights Dream", and "Loves Labours Lost". She played Tiny Tim in a national tour of "A Christmas Carol" and Birdie Huchinson in the original musical "Oh! Pioneers" at the Producers Club. Laura Mae has also been in the Shakespeare musical revue, "Donna's Late Night Cabaret" at the Manhattan Repertory Theater and with the drag queen Flotilla DeBarge at Fez. Regionally, Laura Mae has performed at the Park Theater in NJ, The Old Globe Theater in San Diego and the American Stage at Epcott Center in Walt Disney World, Florida. Laura Mae also enjoys writing and teaching drama workshops for youth performances. She is thrilled to be a part of the Tony & Shlomoh Show and sends thanks to the fantastic support group of friends and family who have helped her succeed and are always happy to listen to yet another audition story, come to a show in Brooklyn, learn a nonsensical monologue and remind her to never, ever give up. Thanks again

Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein

No man can see his face and live!
Well, maybe a woman can but would she want to?
Rabbi Pinky (Pinchas) was raised in the Bronx, New York, attending the finest Orthodox Jewish schools in Brooklyn. Upon receiving his ordination, Rabbi Pinky taught rabbinical students the Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and other such disciplines. He has also studied law, Indian spiritualism, Native American dance, medieval literature, pastry cooking, sports, medicine, the US Civil War and metallurgy. He has established his own rabbinical institute with the goal Jewish religious wisdom and culture with harsh realities of a cynical, often cruel, world. Rabbi Schmeckelstein is often happily married and has countless children and grandchildren. His hobbies include berating his frigid wife about their sex life and day trading. You can subscribe to his outrageous newsletter by sending an email with a note and the word "subscribe" in the subject to: Or by going to his website at

Poppy Castro

Poppy Castro, born Candido Rosario in February of 1971, has always wanted to be in show business. When he was a child in the NYC Public School system he always starred in whatever play the school was producing. From Santa Cluas to King Midas, Poppy always had the Golden Touch. He went on to earn a certificate in Recording Engineering in 1990 which he never utilized and stills owes money on his student loan. The Center College for the Media Arts must have needed that money becuase they went out of business once he graduated. With dreams of the silver screen still on his mind he took several acting classes @ the College of Mount Saint Vincent with the instructor who inspired and encouraged him to pursue his dream. That was Holly Hepp. Thank You! Poppy Castro has also been doing Stand-Up Comedy around New York City and has appeared in a couple of movies. He is currently one of the core members on the outrageous cable sitcom, The Tony and Shlomoh show. Poppy is destined to be a star. Is Hollywood ready for him?
Poppy is also a poet. His poems can be found on Shlomoh's personal website. Click here!

Tonya White

Tonya is an actress, model, and wrestler. She was born in 1972. She is 5'9" ,145 lbs. She started her modeling career in 1998 as a racecar calendar model. Since then she has been modeling all over the country from Los Angeles to New York. To date, Tonya has appeared in magazines such as Lady Sports and Model Look, as well as innumerous calendars. Runway modeling and print ads are other examples of her modeling career. Recently, Tonya graduated from Elan's School For Models And Actors. Tonya has enjoyed a successful career in acting. Her movie credits include Valley of Lost Souls, Rustin's Glory, with actor and singer Meat Loaf, Guardian Angels, and the soon to be released Beyond the Walls of Sleep. Her voice will be heard in the animated feature Video Girl as Marsyn. Tonya's voice also appears in the song All About the Money from the Ooh Wee CD by Lorenzo Jones. On a job to valet for Steve Armstrong of the WCW, Tonya stumbled into the world of wrestling. She then moved from valet, to professional wrestler for the Southeastern Wrestling Federation. She has completed Steve Armstrong's wresting training program. Tonya's greatest wrestling achievement is women's heavy weight belt holder. And she is now on NWA on pay per view. Tonya has written her autobiography called A Sister's Betrayal. It will be in bookstores soon. The movie from this autobiography is scheduled for production soon. Tonya's ultimate goal is to continue her career in acting, modeling, and wrestling in order to become a role model for other women and kids. She also has plans for opening homes for abused women and children. Check out her websites at

Phil Donahue

Phil is a character actor who has experience in theater, television, film as well as music video. Phil studied at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, majoring in Theatre/Communications. More recently he has studied other show business techniques with Craig Lechner of Impossible Casting. Phil is proud to be a hard core American biker riding loud and proud. Typical roles for Phil include biker (DUH!), junkie, homeless, high school guidance counselor from Hell and of course God.
Phil and Shlomoh did a movie together - THE TRUE STORY OF JESUS

William Dziekanowski

William is a standup comic who has appeared on Comedy Central's Last Comic Standing. William has been a funny person all his life,Most of his comedy is based on his real world experiences. When he tried out for the Last Comic Standing reality show, that jump started his career,and set in stone his purpose in life. William has performed at the NYC Improv ,Pips Comedy Club, and the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood He performs live at Comedy Nights in various restaurants in the NYC area. He has appeared on the Joey Renyolds Radio Show [on radio station WOR AM] 3 times as Rodney Dangerfield's Ghost and as himself. He considers the Tony and Shlomoh Show to be his greatest venue yet due to the No Holds Barred Freedom that such a great and edgy show can provide a young comic. William can impersonate many voices, and can sing like Sinatra, Dean Martin, as well as many of the new singing artists performing today. William's comedy reflects a politically liberal sense of humor. He believes God has a cosmic sense of humor too, and that we all gotta get along. His motto: Laughter is the tool that will unite us as The Human Race. William has been called a "Natural Talent" by various professionals such as Joey Renyolds, Bob Reed, and Ross Mark. William's personal website can be found at

Joey Barronton

Joey moved to New York in the spring of 2003 hoping to make it as a comedic actor. The following Christmas he was an elf at Bloomingdales in their Santa Shop. Soon after that, to promote a restaurant, he played an Elvis impersonator on the CBS show, "Livin' It UP" with Jack and Alley. He also studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade with James Eason. Following that he studied stand up comedy at the Manhattan Comedy School with Frank Santopadre and has been doing stand up regularly since. His latest project was a sketch comedy pilot/show, "Flip'em Off TV" in which he played various characters. He is currently working the stand up circuit in the New York City area. Joey performs the Aristocrat joke on our show among other things.

Ken Bossewich

Ken has been working professionally as a computer guru, - programmer, analyst, instructor, repairman - for many decades. Most recently he has become the executive producer and sponsor for our show in Manhattan, NYC.

Jennifer Dadika

Jennifer has been working professionally behind a camera since the age of 16. Having worked camera at Cablevision of Fairlawn, New Jersey, she was able to make arrangements for her father Tony, and Shlomoh to create and produce the TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW in the summer of 2004 in New Jersey. Jennifer has done lots of work for the show behind the scenes. Together with her sister Stephanie, she worked on the Purgatory and Celtic Liberation Army skits. She will shortly be graduating from William Patterson University. Jennifer is our new editor, beginning in 2006 when we initiate our show on Time Warner Manhattan Cable.

Tony Brandao

Tony Brandao is a baby boomer born and raised in the RedHook section of Brooklyn, NYC. He is proud to say that he is still a Brooklynite. Except for an occaisional movie [just for the hell of it], he didn't get serious about acting until the Fall of 2002, and has been very busy since then. Eventually he would like to do some stage work - no, not a job at the Stage Deli, - he means THEATER which as far as he is concerned is the toughest kind of acting. He wishes to thank Shlomoh and Tony for networking with him and including him in the talent pool of the show. [His resume is available upon request. Email and state that you are interested in seeing TonyB's resume]

Niki Notarile

Having spent most of her life training as an actress, Niki has committed herself full time to acting. Acting is her passion and she feels it is a therapy for the world. She has starred and supported in many independent films: Axe Massacre (Cindy), The Hit (Giselle), Broken Night (V), Beth's Bath (Beth), Cat and Mouse (Lina, Kill Or Be Killed… She has also appeared in Spike Lee's 25th Hour and Sex and the City. Niki recently wrapped up as the star in a one-woman show called, The Knife Assassin, Off-Broadway in Manhattan. Engaged to an incredible man, director, writer, filmmaker Chris Notarile, she will be married next summer in a film studio. In addition to acting, Niki is training in Kung Fu; her second passion.

Hallie Wynn

Hallie's theatre career spans over two decades. She has performed in such children's theatre productions as Winnie-the-Pooh; Dr. Dolittle; and The Hobbit. Regional credits also include Suzy in the thriller Wait Until Dark; Agnes in the romantic comedy The Fourposter; and Eve in Genesis by Don Nigro. She has appeared in both the touring and New York productions of A Builder of Dreams, by Melba LaRose, Jr., where she first encountered musician/composer Tamer Tewfik. Additional acting credits include Sorel in the Noel Coward farce Hayfever; Jessica in The Pleasure of His Company; Alice in Blue Window; Vanessa in A Weekend Near Madison; roles in classics such as Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona; Chekov's Uncle Vanya; and modern classics After the Fall by Arthur Miller; Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire; and Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park. Directing credits include the comedies The Curate Shakespeare As You Like It and Grotesque Love Songs by Don Nigro; dramas Hard-Boiled by Deborah Lynn Frockt and Cat's-Paw by William Mastrosimone; and Leonard Gershe's romantic comedy Butterflies Are Free, the first American Sign Language interpreted theatrical production in Nassau County, New York. Original works directed by Hallie include Wake Up, Alan!, a musical by The Wiz composer Timothy Graphenreed and M aking It by Canadian playwright Marla Kalin, in which Hallie also appeared. She helmed The Quiet Room, or What Happens When a Schizoid Ballerina Is Locked in a Room with a Duck for the 2001 SpotlightOn Theatre Festival in New York and the Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) Fringe Festival, which featured original music by Tamer Tewfik. In 2002 she directed Don Nigro's Seascape with Sharks and Dancer for the SpotlightOn Festival. Hallie's sound design, comprised of original tunes by Tamer, was recognized with the SpotlightOn/Sage Award for Bes t Sound Design. For the 2003 SpotlightOn Winter into Spring Festival Hallie created That's Life!, an original compilation of comedy and music. That summer followed with the variety show Hot Notes at Cool Mood featuring Tamer and under Tamer's music direction. Most recently Hallie created the cabaret Let's Fall in Love, which, in addition to Tamer's musical direction and performance, showcased two of his original tunes. Hallie can currently be found on stage or behind the scenes, in New York, Canada, or anywhere in between, sharing her love for theatre and music on every project.

Stefanie Dadika

Stefanie is a freshman at Montclair State College of New Jersey, where she is majoring in Writing. She has always been around stage production. For 4 years in high school she has been either an Assistant Production Manager, or a Production Manager beating the actors into 'to go' form. Whether studying lines with her father Tony, taking pictures of our tapings, or being a last minute replacement (reporter in 'Paris Hilton'), Stephanie always comes through when the chips are down. We will have her talent and unflinching will for the next 4 years, when she will graduate and become a full fledged Geologist. Till then Tony And Shlomoh will welcome her assistance...

Elizabeth June

Elizabeth June is a Native New Yorker, born in The Boogie Down (Bronx)and is pleased as punch to be a part of The Tony and Sholmoh Show! June has performed her stand-up comedy at CAROLINES and The Harlem Tea Room and she's hosted many talent shows and concerts, including a benefit concert for the Crisis in the Sudan at The Knitting Factory. June was the first Black "Barbie" costume character/storyteller at the world famous toy store, FAO Schwarz, and she's been featured in various comedic stage plays in the Tri-State area. June was the first recipient of The Bob Hope Scholarship for Comedy at The Actors Studio Drama School. June has also done background character work on Saturday Night Live and Sex in the City.

Al Z. Becker

Al Z. Becker is an actor, songwriter (music and lyrics), writer, and (in his day job, a copy editor for a major magazine).
As an actor, he is skilled at both comedy and drama, and has appeared in movies --The Manchurian Candidate, Meet The Parents, etc. -- on TV on The Chappelle Show (2 appearances), The Sopranos, etc. He has also appeared on the off-Broadway stage.
As a songwriter, his songs have been performed on radio and in nightclubs.
As a performer and writer, Al has a special interest in politics and society.
As an individual, Al has a special interest in lovely, charming women (Inquiries about this from women are especially welcome).

Sheran Arabella Tavarez

Sheran culminates a lifetime of expenence in theater, television, as a writer, and public relations person to helm Contessa Productions, a television and full-service video production company. Sheran has created 3 half hour award winning tv programs-- THE ANTIQUE TRADER, PENELOPE PEACH & FRIENDS, and THE NEW YORK WOMAN; also several documentaries including; productions seen at Staten Island's Snug Harbor Museum, Bronx's Maritime Museum at Fort Schuyler, Patriot Against the Burning of the American Flag, Honoring Our Hero's of 911 taped at The Yonkers Fire Department, The Honoring of the 65th Task Force at Arlington National Cemetery.
Sheran has also conducted surveys interviews for a variety of publications including SESAME STREET PARENT, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, TIME and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED thru ROPER STARCH WORLDWIDE.
Sheran began her career as a multilingual paralegal, Commissioner of Deeds, Notary Public for Victor L. Brizel, Esq., Senator George W. Miller and Alvin C. Morris, Esq. She can still recall typing the incorporating papers for the New York Chapter of The NAACP. An experience she claims she will never forget. "I never realized that I would be involved in the making of history when Mr. Morris was standing over me while I was typing the corporate papers on a manual typewriter. Life is a lot easier now with computers, there's no fear of typing mistakes and they can easily be corrected." She said.
Sheran translated from English to Spanish "The Great Passion Play" and "The Acts Of The Apostles Play" for Producer, Director Don Barrigan of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
She also has a medical background which helped her win a Beta Award for 2005 "Healing Sarcoidosis - Best Health Program. Best Educational Program Ä 2001 Ä The Antique Trader, Best Location Series Ä The Antique Trader, Best Educational Program Ä 2000 Ä Penelope Peach and Friends, 1989 Fiesta of Lights Parade Christmas Float Plague sponsored by United Van Lines, Phoenix, Arizona, Ribbon for Best of Float Red Ribbon for Penelope Peach & Friends sponsored by United Van Lines, K-Mart, Food for Less & others (Past, Present & Future Float).
She has recently completed her book "Conversing With Your Inner-Self, which will be released in January, 2006, and is working on her autobiography and cookbook. "I love to eat real food," She said. Her ultimate challenge is to go "Where no Woman Has Ever Been Before."
Sheran is the producer of The Tony And Shlomoh Show in The Bronx, NY.

Rose Angeli-Klingler

Rose has been president-producer-director at CableVision in FairLawn, NJ for the past five years. She is also chairperson at the Clifton Cable Advisory Board where she has been for the past four years. Before that she was assistant manager at Passaic County Emergency Management, in Passaic, NJ. Rose is the producer of our show in FairLawn, NJ where we tape the beginning and end of each episode.

Buzz Cartier

Buzz is a musician and comic as well as a creative comic writer. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg studios. Buzz can do several dialects well including New Yorkese, Hill Billy, and Midwestern standard. He has produced several videos and has appeared in many TV shows, films, and commericals.

Tai Linzie

Tai Linzie stumbled into the entertainment arena a little over a year ago after taking an inprov class at The Upright Citizens Brigade on a whim. After completing three levels of study he was tricked into doing standup at the Parkside Lounge and later coaxed into performing at Stand Up NY; he loved it. Long story short, the improv led to a few commercial spots and a co-starring role in the award winning NYU dramedy “ The Tenant”. He cried. After that he realized that the attention wasn’t so bad; he is wonde ring where he’s going to end up next. Tai is currently trying to figure out how write a joke, cry on cue, and get an agent.

Tamer Tewfik

Tamer (Piano/Vocals) earned his Bachelor of Music in Piano and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He pursued additional classical studies in Budapest, Hungary, studying harmony, solfege and conducting. As a vocalist, he has sung with the Choral Arts Society and Philadelphia Orchestra under the batons of conductors Riccardo Muti, Kurt Mazur, and Charles Dutoit. After teaching music in the Lower Merion School District for five years, Tamer established Swamp Queen Music through which he has recorded three CDs. Following the establishment of Swamp Queen Music, Tamer created THE JAZZ ASSEMBLY, a one-of-a-kind participatory experience for elementary through high school students. He performs these Assemblies in conjunction with Young Audiences of New Jersey; Young Audiences of Eastern PA; and Peter Nero and the Philadelphia Pops' Jazz in the Schools Series. Tamer's efforts with THE JAZZ ASSEMBLY are instrumental in bringing understanding and appreciation of jazz and standards to the next generation of music fans. As a jazz pianist Tamer has played with Les Paul; Grover Washington, Jr.; Stanley Clarke; Eddie Gomez; and Trudy Pitts. As a cabaret artist and pianist he has performed at the ASCAP Songwriters Showcase; Brandy's Saloon; Cleopatra's Needle; Cool Mood; Don't Tell Mama; The Duplex; the Iridium Jazz Club; Key West Piano Bar; NBC's Rainbow Room; Odette's; Raw Space Theatre; Sam's Cabaret; Tavern Camac; The Townhouse; the Triad Theater; and Upstairs @ Red. He served as musical director for Montauk Theatre Productions' Always,. Patsy Cline and The Show of the Century, in which he also performed. His original compositions have been heard in the theatrical productions Genesis; The Quiet Room, or What Happens When a Schizoid Ballerina Is Locked in a Room with a Duck~ As Heard In the Quiet Room, a cabaret based upon his work As Heard in The Quiet Room, ..., in which Tamer was the featured artist; and Seascape with Sharks and Dancer, for which his score received the SpotlightOn/Sage Award for Best Sound Design.

Samara Doucette

Samara is originally from Portsmouth NH, where she has performed in numerous regional productions around that area. One fifth of her life was spent in Boston where she received a BFA in Musical Theater from Emerson College. Once she arrived on the beautiful island of Manhattan, she became involved with the NativeAliens Theatre Collective. She has performed in several of their musical revues as well as their annual Short Stories Playwrights Festival. In the last year or so she has been studying improv with b oth Upright Citizens Brigade and Armando Diaz. Recently she was introduced to the Murder Mystery scene and had the pleasure of performing a Murder Mystery weekend at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Other NYC credits include her appearance in this year’s New York City Fringe Festival and several long form improv shows

Patty Carolle

Patty is a student a William Paterson University studying radio and television production. She has been a camera person at Fair Lawn Cablevision for 3 years. She is currently studying at Middlesex University in London on a BBC exchange program.Patty has filmed and edited for the show as well as filling in as an actress. Patty appeared in the Minister of Purgatory and the Abduction of Paris Hilton skits. We look forward to her return this summer.

Christopher "Fu" Finch

Chris Finch is a 49 year old multi-talented performer and writer from Raleigh, North Carolina, He is also a poet and writer who has written over 15 books including, TWISTED TOOTH ANTHOLOGY SERIES AND "OUTSIDER". He is also an artist who does wood carvings, paintings, and elaborate walking sticks which are sold worldwide. He also deals in collectables and paintings which are sold in DC, SanFrancisco, NYC, LA, and elsewhere. Cris has also been a guerilla and avant guard filmaker for over 30 years, using 16mm and 8mm. He does cutting edge horror films and documentaries. He has been a charactor actor in over 300 films, TV, and plays. He is also a spiritual advisor active with Buddhism, Christianity, and Native American religion. He is also a grass roots activist who has been directly involved in "Food not Bombs", "Rainbow Tribe", "Yippies" ,AIDS movements, soup kitchens, childrens' rights groups, homeless groups, biker and vets groups. He is open minded, and is constanly pushing the envelope for new, engaging, and thought provoking material. You might call him a provocateur, always raising hell and bringing down the barriors, and fighting for the underdog. He describes himself best as a humble servant of The Arts, a quiet man who lives with his 3 cats, peacock, parrott, and assorted strays in Rural North Carolina.

Billy Bingo:

Billy Bingo retired from the Fire Department of New York City with over 20 years on the job. Since retiring he is now doing Stand Up Comedy full time, and there's no turning back. Billy became hooked on performing, whether it was cracking jokes at the kitchen table at his firehouse located in Jamaica Queens or on stage at the world famous Caroline's on Broadway. Billy Bingo has been seen on Comedy Central, Good Morning America, NY 1, and Good Day New York. His stand up performance is based on being a NYC Firefighter as well as what goes on in his life at home. Bill is married and lives with his wife Catherine on Long Island, NY. Billy's website is at

Luis E Salas

L.E. has worked on several professional television, and film productions, and has had the honor of working and learning from diverse, award-winning directors, producers, and production companies. L.E.’s professional directorial debut Take 5, was an official selection at 2005 Arlene’s Grocery Picture Show Film Festival, this past April.
Prior to Take 5, L.E. artistically produced and edited 63 Years like Yesterday, a feature length, poignant documentary about an elderly couple that grows old with wisdom, humor, and love as the 20th century unfolds through their eyes. He has also worked on film projects for Corrado Schoner Productions, an award-winning production company based in of New Jersey, and briefly interned at Alfonso Cuaron’s Esperanto Productions (formerly Anhelo Productions).
While in College L.E. directed, produced, wrote and edited an extensive amount of video productions and short films including The Rebirth of Trenton, a documentary about the city’s reemergence; Gravity, an experimental, oddball, comedy, and Right Out of The Relationship Rulebook for Girls on Guys, a romantic comedy.
L.E. has recently finished editing a feature length film entitled Synchronicity, written and directed by new filmmaker Scott Johnson, and is currently working on a documentary on the waves of emmigration from Cuba to the U.S. entitled EXILE:Lejos de la Isla. L.E. can also be found listed for freelance production assistance through the New Jersey Film Commission.
L.E. directed Shlomoh in his indie film, TAKE FIVE.

Mindy Matijasevic

Mindy is pursuing multiple paths in life. She is a writer of prose and poetry, a host of the monthly Hidden Treasure Reading Series, a teacher of adult basic students, a mom, and an actress. Mindy studied acting at HB Studio, mainly with Jeanne Kaplan and William Hickey. She has had supporting and principal roles in a number of independent films: "The Lottery," "Room 404B," "Third Age," "Dancing With Kendra," "Slow Day," and "Who Knew!" She was a background actress in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever" and Fox-TV's "New York Undercover." On stage, she was cast in a benefit performance of the "Vagina Monologues," had a supporting role in "A Chicken and Its Breast" (part of NYC Fringe festival), and had a supporting role in a staged reading of "Waafrika." Recently, she held a principal role in a Brooklyn Cable TV's "The Hambone Show."

Tiffany Cross

Tiffany is the sister of Jason Cross, our former editor. She has appeared as a model on the Canadian TV show ED THE SOCK in a segment on Internet Porn. She also starred in her brother's video short, BEER GOGGLES. Tiffany is working on her GED. She hopes to become a profesisonal model and actress.

Heather VM

Heather is a mom, producer, editor, and co star of The Dudeular Connection. She also enjoys life, organic food, and her favorite pets are birds. She likes people, and people also like her. Heather is a nice person who has the ability to warp even the most mundane things into something interesting. She brings this forth in the smash hit show, The Dudeular Connection.
The Dudeular Connection is about everything, and nothing all at the same time. The Dudeulars are comical in their actions and base their advertising on a motto of being "less annoying, and more fun" ....This show revolves around guests, clubs, holidays, anything and everything you can imagine. It's more fun this way, and it keeps people on their toes.
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Maria Dudeular

Maria is a mom, life coach, and co stars in The Dudeular Connection. She enjoys the simple life, organic food, and cats. She likes people, and having fun. Maria is just a great person to be around, and this shines through on the hit show, The Dudeular Connection. [See Heather's bio on this page]
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Heather and Maria produce the Tony And Shlomoh Show in several towns in Massachusetts.

Hills Terrace

Hills Terrace is a 40 something funny man who has always harbored a secret, or not so secret, desire to be a comedy writer. The Tony And Shlomoh Show considers him a valuable asset. He is their West Coast lead talent. Hills was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Atwater, California in 1979. He is married and has one child. He is the proud owner of two dogs. Hills has been sending out comedy bits to radio stations, aspiring comics, and other media around the country as well as in Califorina We think it is their loss that they have not yet utilized his comedic talent. Hills describes himself as a right leaning Independent - much like the current governor of Califorina. Despite that, we still think he is a great guy.

Eileen Budd

Eileen Budd is a nice, smart-assed, Italian girl from New Jersey. Her comedy experience includes improv as well as writing and performing stand-up, sketch comedy, and character monologues. Her characters include the gravelly voiced motivational speaker, Mary Garafalo, and Sr. Angel Leena, a nun who dispenses sexual advice. Several of her humorous pieces have been published and she has done public readings of her work in venues such as Barnes & Noble. Cited in The Star Ledger, New Jersey’s state newspaper, and The New York Times, Eileen has performed her character pieces and stand-up at various venues in the tri-state area including Stand Up New York, The Laugh Factory, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex, Rose’s Turn, The Triad, and Ensemble Studio Theatre. Recently selected as a semi-finalist in Secret Deodorant’s Funniest Woman in America “Sniff Check” contest, Eileen grapples with such as issues as, “When you’re driving and you get a powerful whiff, how do you know if your deodorant’s stopped working or if you’ve just entered New Jersey?”

Matt Garrity

Matt Garrity (Drums) attended William Paterson College's jazz program, where he studied with John Riley, Rufus Reid, and Harold Mabern, among others. He studied privately with renowned performers Carl Allen, Bill Goodwin, and Ed Shaughnessy. He has held the drum chair for some of the best in the business, including alto saxophonist Vincent Herring, as well as the late, great vocalist/pianist, Teri Thornton. Other artists Matt has performed with include Jerome Richardson, David Williams and Ron McClure. He has performed throughout New York in venues such as The Blue Note, Birdland, Smalls, Smoke, The Up Over Jazz Cafe and Upstairs@Red and Cleopatra's Needle with Tamer. He has played in numerous festivals and concert settings, including a summer jazz series at The Baltimore Museum of Art with The Vincent Herring Quartet. In addition to his work as a sideman, Garrity has led his own trio for the past six years. They perform extensively in the New York area, and most recently toured the Northwestern United States. Matt and the trio have done two recordings, Above The Circle and Unfiltered. An educator, Garrity has conducted jazz masterclasses at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and has been involved with The National Music Workshop, The New York Board of Education, and Columbia University's Teacher's College. Matt is currently a faculty member at The Turtle Bay Music School on Manhattan's Upper-East Side.

Rhe De Ville

The youngest of nine children from a small town in Pennsylvania, RHE DE VILLE was raised singing along with a musical family: in church choir, high school choral groups, & local theater. Continuing her love of the arts, she majored in music & theater at Temple University in Philadelphia, then moved to New York City and enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute followed by private study with Sanford Meisner protégé Phil Gushee. Spending her days & nights soaking up the rich culture of Manhattan, Rhe discovered an affinity for the smoky, elegant, sophisticated glamour of New York's High Society during the 1920's-1950's. For years she studied the songwriters and vocalists of American Popular Music, now referred to as the jazz standards & gravitated toward these timeless classics. Determined not to be labeled "retro" by simply imitating the legendary singers of the past, Rhe is passionate about breathing new life into these songs f or modern generations: while striving to preserve their rich musical history as well as her artistic integrity. In 1998 she met jazz pianist Felipe Riveros and both performed as a regular duo at upscale Manhattan spots such as the Bubble Lounge, Madame X, Torch, and Caviarteria. In the winter of 1999, she recorded her first CD, Empire State Radio With Rhe De Ville, along with Riveros, bassist Jonathan Flaugher, saxophonist Mike Dopazo, and drummer Danny Weiss. The success of this CD led her to top the Jazz charts on as well as bookings in NYC for private events and public venues such as Metronome, Lola, She lly's NY, Redeye Grill, Blue Water Grill, La Belle Époque, Blue Fin, Park Avalon, Four Seasons Hotel and many others. In 2002-03, Rhe performed onstage at Carnegie Hall with the prestigious Collegiate Chorale. She has also entertained luminaries from all over the world at the recently unveiled Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan's splashy new Time Warner Center. During an intensive 1 1/2-year study with MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets) award-winning cabaret performer and instructor Helen Baldassare, Rhe fell in love with cabaret and the minimalist performance philosophy taught by Baldassare. She then recorded her second CD, Echoes Of My Heart, in May 2004. This enticing CD includes a mix of American Popular Music along with original compositions by songwriter Nancy Zigelbaum. It is already garnering critical acclaim prior to its scheduled release in Octob er 2004. Rhe's meticulous aesthetic and relentless passion for glamour and elegance fuel her vision of a modern-day New York High Society that still swirls, sups, cocktails, luxuriates & indulges. Her style of singing and manner of entertaining follow in this fashion: to bring an air of sophistication and refinement to each event and every occasion.

Joey Devita

Joey Devita is still not retired as a software developer in the New York City area. He is a free spirited actor, comic, writer, who doesn't like to pass up opportunities to lovingly, but shamelessly entertain his good-humored friends. He knows that people succeed at what they love doing. So why aren't there more successful comedians? On stage, his goal is to have fun by giving audiences a piece of himself. He has been seen performing or hosting comedy at open venues such as Tribecca Comedy Basement, Standup New York, Gotham Comedy Club, and Rascals. He has joyfully started a counseling and mentoring process, "Kids Notes", whose spiritual intentions aer to help "Give People Back To Themselves". We all have choices on where to honor God's Ways. Joey jokes that he saw a sign outside a IHOP saying "New Lunch and Dinner Menu!" Joey asks "Why bother? Don't we just go for the pancakes?!"

Bruce Walker

Bruce is a funny guy who has not had any professional acting experience. But that will soon change. A dead-on look-alike for Dave Chappelle, Bruce is about to become a very important personality on the Tony and Shlomoh Show. We expect big things from him.

Jason J. Cross

In May of 2000, Jason J. Cross started to indulge his creative side. He put together several stories - mostly written by him -, and playing around with pictures on the computer, Four Sides of Cross website was born. It began as simply a literary magazine publishing short stories that fell into one of four genres (Hope, Despair, Love or Fear). Lack of funds presented a problem for continuing the venture. At this time, in order to continue the project, Jason started concentrating on making funny animations out of pictures of his friends, including a hilarious bit in which his friends were lectured by Nancy Reagan about the use of drugs. In April of 2002, he filmed an unscripted short entitled, "Unleashed." Filmmaking then became a passion for Jason. He then discovered that his preference was actually editing the footage. Jason has Written/Directed/Edited the short films, "When Good Jokes Go Bad," "Choices," "Reality Sets In" and "S.H.I.T." He is currently studying for his A.C.E. Certification, also in the middle of 2 scripts, and has recently joined The Tony and Shlomoh Show.
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Alyson Linefsky

Alyson has been bitten by the acting bug since childhood, when she got cast as a woodland creature in a local production of a musical spoof on Red Riding Hood with the Traveling Theatre, a summer troupe that wrote and produced original musicals. As an adult, she has appeared in over 30 productions, including off-off Broadway with Love Creek, off Broadway in a Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors' production, "C'est la Vie," Murder Mysteries with Beggar's Row in NJ, and various character roles with Happy Time, a professional children't theatre company. Favorite roles include Sarah in "Beau Jest" (played twice), Maggie in "Lend Me a Tenor" (also played twice!), Geraldine in "What the Butler Saw," Sheila in "An Inspector Calls," and Cecily in "The Importance of Being Earnest," in which she had been nominated for a Perry Award in 1999. Outside of theatre, Alyson has been doing voice-overs for local cable TV commercials and infomercials.

Eddie Crowe

Eddie,song writer and founder of the Blues Unchained. Eddie is a former, Veteran, Steelworker, in his Hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Eddie worked at Bethlehem Steel for 29.5 years, until the corporation went bankrupt, stripping him of his retirement pension and benefits.
If ever there was a reason to scream the blues, in the 21st century, thats a good start.
Eddies love of live music began as a small child. He was always right up in front of the band, whenever his parents would go out to family oriented social club events. There were also several bands in his neighbor hood. When they practiced he would hear it and be right there on the scene, listening and learning.
All of Eddies free time, when not working rotating shifts was spent on the Live Music Scene. Eventually he started playing drums and then, after the untimely death of his friend and mentor Lightninbug Rhodes, he became a singer.
Eddie took note of who the most authentic, realistic sounding blues players were, at the local jam sessions that he attended frequently.
In 2000 he applied for and got a daylight job. The job, as a mechanic in the BULL GANG meant doing industrial mechanical build up and prep work every day, when he could have cruised a little on the evening shifts.
Eddie wanted to form a band of his own and felt the extra work was worth it.
Eddie can be found on the following websites:   and

Radomir Luza Jr.

Radomir Luza Jr. is a writer/actor/stand-up comedian and director who is the Founder and President of Radman Productions. Radomir believes that vulnerabilty and the courage to take risks are not only vital to art, but life as well. Radomir has been published in numerous publications including the Boston Globe, The New Laurel Review, Seldom Nocturne, Sahara, Spare Change and Nerve Cowboy. Over 20 newspapers and magazines have published his journalistic output. Luza currently has three books coming-out from Author House. He has hosted a number of performance nights and poetry readings in New Jersey and New York City. As an actor, Luza has acted in three of his own plays (Curious Tumor (also directed), Beneath The Blood Red Bridge (Strawberry One-Act Fest), and The Bishop Has Landed (also directed)). Other plays he has acted in include Alan Ayckbourn's "How The Other Half Loves" (On Stage Atlanta), Aristophanes' "The Birds," (Tulane University-New Orleans), and August Wilson's "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" (Dashiki-NO). Luza has also been featured in over a dozen films and many tv and commercial spots. Radomir has done stand-up comedy all over the country, including The Punch Line in Atlanta, The Funny Bone in St. Louis, The Laugh House in Philadelphia, The Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, and Caroline's, The Comedy Cellar, Boston Comedy Club, Stand-UP NY, NY Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, among others. Radomir was raised in New Orleans, LA. He received a BA in English from Tulane University in 1985. He lives in the Journal Square section of Jersey City with Monica, an aspiring chef and his wife of five years.

Kevin Thaxton

Kevin Thaxton has been playing bass since the age of 12. Born in 1979 in Dunoon, Scotland, he spent most of his childhood overseas and returned to the United States in his early teens. In 1997 he moved to Philadelphia, PA to attend the University of the Arts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. After graduating he found steady work as a freelance bassist around the Philadelphia area playing predominately at jazz venues. Over the past four years he has taken part in a program presented by Young Audiences of New Jersey, Young Audiences of Eastern Pennsylvania, and Peter Nero and the Philadelphia Pops bringing music into the school systems. In the winter of 2002, he left Philadelphia and moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he now resides. Currently, he is working with the Lars Halle Jazz Orchestra, a big band based out of Philadelphia and several original projects out of New York City. He is a current member of the Silent League where he has had a chance to perform across the United States and in Europe. He has taken part in several festivals including London's Wireless Festival, South by Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon, Mellon Jazz Festival, Annapolis Jazz Festival. Kevin is presently teaching at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

John Aynedjian

JOHN AYNEDJIAN (pronounced "i-NEED-gin") is "New York's Crown Prince of Character Comedy", but also an actor, writer, composer/lyricist, and Nice Armenian Boy. His one-man show, "How Many Armo's Does it Take...?" ran in December 2003 and May 2004 to rave reviews, and featured outrageous, larger-than-life characters such as "precious" Igor, the depraved phantom of the laboratory who has discovered the formula for wooing females: a rag + chloroform, Scott the Geek, the computer nerd who's always afraid of bec oming human, and Thomas H. Cat, the delightfully frisky stray feline from Astoria. John's next show will feature historical characters such as St. Paul, Alexander Hamilton, and Socrates, all resurrected in his zany way. Keep your dial set to for info on his latest shows and appearances.

Leslie Quilter

L. Roger Quilter, born in 1930 within the sounds of Bow Bells, London, England, has a deep sense of the ridiculous, which shows in his writing. His acting abilities are minimal; three appearances as the dame in pantomimes and several naval sods' operas where most performers are under the influence and the acts are lewd. He served over twenty years in the Royal Canadian Navy where he honed his humor to a cutting edge. He has a keen desire to cut people who think they are great, down to size. He sees humor even in tragic events. His favorite saying, "Smile! People will wonder what you have been up to." Leslie is a part time long-distance writer for the Tony and Shlomoh Show. We find his humor quite droll and naughty!

Mick Diflo

Mick Diflo was born in 1955 in Philadelphia and raised in the suburbs. He graduated highschool, then attended college, going from job to job (plumbing, navy yard, FedEx, etc.), and for a time engaged as a professional boxer (10-2-1, 8 ko's). He also went through a drug phase for about 20 years before getting straight and eventually starting acting classes. This led to his appearing in approximately 20 plays, some small parts on TV (a reenactment on 'Real Stories of the Highway Patrol', as a boxer and tech consultant on 'Criminal Intent'). His training includes scene study with George DiCenzo and John Descano in Philadelphia and New York, improv and sketch writing at UCB. He was also a certified personal trainer after coming to New York for about a year. He was a member of Hazmat, a sketch comedy team out of Philadelphia for about 6 years, and when the Hazmat group broke up he began doing standup in New York City. He has appeared at most of the clubs in New York, includig StandupNY, Gotham, NYComedy Club, and Upright Citizens Brigade. He has been doing standup for about 6 months, and his comedy has been described as sick, dry, dark, etc. He married Rita recently. She "gets" "most" of his jokes but admits that her patience is growing thin.

Tom Treimel

Tom Treimel has the alias "cruise mon". Tom's cruise ship ratings can be found on Celebrity's web sites. He has cruised the Caribbean many times looking for, women, booze and ganja (probably he's shitting us about the grass). He is happily married; well, married anyway. Tom is a systems analyst for one of the world's largest insurance companies. Tom played the transvestite in the Minister Of Purgatory skit. (He is the tall brunette with the knee pads). He has solidified his spot on the Minister's line by just being on the show. We look forward to Tom's talent and enthusiasm. Tom appears in the skit, RELIGION IN YOUR FACE, as the Irish priest.

Gary Darelle

Gary Darrele was born Gary Darrell Brown December 8, 1955 at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida into an Air Force family. Gary moved around quite often during the first 8 years of his life all in the South Eastern United States. He settled in Montgomery Alabama at age 9. He studied dance both tap and jazz for five years starting at age 6. In junior high school, he was introduced to playing alto saxophone and continued on playing until he was at Troy State University. Gary performed in several rock bands during high school and college years where he sang lead and played sax and guitar.
Gary became interested in acting at an early age by watching Saturday matinee movies with actors Errol Flinn and Charlton Heston. After college, he moved to Houston, Tx where he began doing community theater. While in Texas Gary was in two Miller Beer commercials, was an extra in Terms of Endearment and performed in Butter Flies are Free, and Wait until Dark. Gary moved back to Alabama and began working on his theater degree at Auburn University and finally graduated with a BA in History and Theater from University of Alabama Birmingham. Gary has taken many acting and directing workshops one of which was with Liz Keigly casting director for the mini series North and South, Jaws, Close Encounters.
Gary started Fox one Production a production company producing documentaries, commercials, local TV shows and corporate training videos. In 2001 he arrived in Saudi Arabia just two hours before the Trade Center incident where he began working as a combat camera in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He now works for the New Jersey Civil Support Team a Homeland Defense organization.
To date Gary’s film credits include The Traveling Executioner, Terms of Endearment, Under Seize and Juiwanna Man. His Theatrical experiences include Wait Until Dark, Butterflies are Free, Bus Stop, Our Town, Look Homeward Angel, Play Writes, Summer and Smoke, Eccentricities of a Nightingale, The Foreigner, Murder Mystery at the Carlyle and Pawn to King’s Bishop

Jessica Salisbury

Jessica is a professionally trained actor and singer with over ten years of experience in the Chicagoland area. She has also produced and directed plays, short films and tv shows and is a certified cable-access tv producer. She has won many tv and local karoake contests in the Chicago area and recently performed a half hour tv concert. Her agent is Baker & Rowley in Chicago. You can check out some of her clips and resumes in the folders on the website at:

Jessica is the daughter of our show's Chicago producer, Debbi Salisbury.

Debbi Salisbury

Debbi has been in the acting business in Chicago for over ten years with over 25 on-camera speaking roles and 5 theatrical leads. Besides acting, Debbi is a certified cable-access tv producer, having produced and/or directed many shows. She also produces and directs plays, does casting work, and teaches acting. She has had many years of professional show business training.
Prior to becoming an actor, Debbi was a newspaper consultant, writer, computer project manager for newspapers, computer graphics instructor, graphic artist, band singer, fry cook...
She often says she is following in the footsteps of her daughter who is currently pursuing a singing career, but is also a professionally trained actor who got her mom hooked.
Debbi is the executive producer of the Tony And Shlomoh Show in Chicago on COMCAST.

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