Towel Heads

In light of recent world events, there has been much discussion about "Towel-heads." It is unfair to profile and characterize all "towel-heads" as bad or evil. In fact, there are some good "towel-heads." In fact, it is your civic duty to be able to distinguish between good and evil towel-heads!

Suppose, for instance, you were walking down a dark alley and encounter a towel-head... what would you do? Knowing the difference between good and evil is paramount. The difference between some Uzi carrying dirt-bag, camel-screwing bad towel-head and a good towel-head can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

So that you can make a clear distinction, attached are photographs of a bad towel-head and a good "Towel-head." You must study the pictures carefully so that you will not confuse the two in a moment of indecision . . . it could save your life.

Now then, ...

BAD towel-head
and... GOOD towel-head.

Think you got it straight now?