The Bronx in the 30's and 40's
In loving memory of my Mom, Anna Marie Sciampa Runge
Jan 10th, 1925 - September 3rd,2006
I love you with all my heart, Mom.
 Rest in Peace.

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P.S.90 8th Grade 1942

Jane Addams Vocational  1942

Fleetwood Theater

The 3rd Ave EL

Westchester Square 1937

Old Street Sign

Bedford Park Academy

The NY & QRC depot 1937

3rd Ave Trolley Outside and Inside

Ogden Ave Bus

Aerial View of Jane Addams Vocational High School

   Dollar Savings Bank

Anderson Ave Bus                                                                     Bathgate Ave

Bocce Ball St Mary's Park                                                            Bronx Clotheslines

Concourse Plaza                                                                                 E.143rd St

Gas Ration Card                                                        Grand Concourse

Hearn's           Jane Addams V.H.S.     Loews 167th St

Ogden Ave

Ration Stamps                                              RKO Fordam Ritz

Scrafpts                                                     Bronx Theater

Tower Theater                                                                    Tremont Ave Texaco

Tremont Ave                                                      West Farm Square

Willis Ave.

Grand Concourse 1938                                                                  Parker Street

Grand Concourse & 188th St.

490 E. 138th

The Ogden Theater
1431 Ogden Ave.

Ritz Theater
1014 E. 180th St. (at Bryant Ave.)

Kingsbridge Theater
15 E. Kingsbridge Rd. (east of Jerome Ave.).

Grand Theater
5 W. Fordham Road (at Jerome Ave.).

Inside an IRT Car 1941                           Rogers Building-Sears Roebuck

Tremont Ave Trolley                      Old Coke Machine

Alexander's on Fordham Road & The Grand Concourse

The Winter Garden on Washington Avenue between Tremont & 176th St

 The Jerome Skating Rink on Jerome Avenue & Fordham Road

Sutter's Bakery on The Grand Concourse & Fordham Road

College Ave.


1939 World's Fair


Futurama                                Ford Motor Co Building

The Marine Transportation Building                      Loewy's train, the 6100                    AT&T's Demonstration Call Room

RCA Building                                        RCA's 1st TV's                                          The City of Light diorama

Time Capsule             Westinghouse Building                          Westinghouse's Middleton Family

The Continental Baking Company Building                          The American Tobacco Company Building

Borden's Rotolactor                                                       The "Frozen Alive Girl" show

 "Little Miracle Town"                                                      Aerial view of the Court of Peace

Statue of Roma on the Italian Pavilion                                       The Czechoslovakian Building

                                                        Truck that ran thru the Fair

Parachute Jump

Trylon and Perisphere radio

Trylon                                                                Ford Exhibit



Electro                          Sealtest


SHEFFIELD FARMS                                           SPEED STATUE

Switzerland                                   Turkish Pavilion

The Voice                           Winter Wonderland


Preview                                                    Railroad

RCA Tower                                                 Rectors

RHEINGOLD                                          Kraft Foods

League of Nations                                     LIRR Billboard

Lucky Strikes                                          LuxuryLand

Missouri Bldg.                                         Netherlands

Pan American                                        Parachute Drop

Washington Statue                            Grand Cntl Pkwy

Greyhound                                                    Heineken

Heinzs                                            Dept of Highways


Florida Spanish Rest.                                                          Ford

Fountains                                            Gardens on Parade

General Motors                                            Bell Systems

British Pavilion                                            Chrysler

COTY                                                  DuPont

America At Home                                  Bowling Green

American Express                                 Aquacade

ASTRONOMER STATUE                                      Aviation

B&O Railroad                                             Beechnut


World's Fair Ads


1939 Worlds Fair Items