In this area, you will find some of my favorite videos collected for your enjoyment. If you have videos of your own which you would like to share with my viewers, please send them to me as attached files if your email program can accomodate such attachments. If not, drop me a line and we will receive them in an alternate manner. Enjoy! Shlomoh's Videos

The Videos

  1. The REAL Michael Brown
  2. Chaiyya Chaiyya
  3. Who Shall Live
  4. The Songs of Tamer Tewfik - appeared on the TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW
  5. Are You Proud of Raunchy Comic Kid?
  6. Adam Sandler's HANUKKA SONG - Part 3
  7. I Want To Be A Rebbe
  8. Die Hard Woody Allen Spoof
  9. Borat [Sasha Baron Cohen] appears on Howard Stern's Show - November 1, 2006
  10. Pink Gloves [The Cancer Dance]
  11. Remedy - from CODE RED - Never Again
  12. Asher Meza of BeJewish.Org -Becoming Jewish - Christian Missionaries
  13. Jon Cryer's Lip Sync of Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" from PRETTY IN PINK
  14. 50 Cent's Passover SEDER
  15. The Scribe And The Torah
  16. Tell Me Why - Declan Galbriath
  17. How Facebook can mess up your relationship
  18. What Really Happened In The Middle East - Examining the lies of Israel's enemies!
  19. Larry the Cable Guy's favorite Christmas Carols
  20. Indecent Proposal - MasterCard's Latest Commercial
  21. There's No One As Irish As Barak Obama
  22. Where Is Matt Harding Dancing?
  23. Life Under Obama - One Woman's View
  24. Every Sperm Is Sacred
  25. Chani Lisbon discusses her religious background
  26. Money For NOthing - Dire Straits
  27. The artistic sand animation of Ilana Yahav
  28. 92 and 29 - A Family Dance
  29. Songs from Little Shop of Horrors
  30. Music Of The Night - [from Phantom of the Opera] Andrew Lloyd Weber
  31. The Jew Stupid Contest from the TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW
  32. Clothing Drive - Bud Lite's Latest Commercial
  33. Introducing Sony's Latest Piece of Shit
  34. Hard Day's Night In Yiddish
  35. What Is HAVA NEGILAH?
  36. Dessler - Jewish Spoof on Dexter
  37. The Trial - From PinkFloyd's THE WALL
  38. One Day - Voices From The Heights - The Maccabeats of Yeshivah University
  39. Jew Hating In History According To Mel Gibson
  40. 1950s Videos From Golden Oldies Shows
  41. Einstein and Hawking Do Rap Battle
  42. The Bronx in the 30's and 40's
  43. Where is the Village?
  44. 1960s Car Salesman Ralph Williams; you've got to see his commercial to believe it!
  45. Four Dead In Ohio - The 1970 Kent State College Masacre!
  46. Men On Film And On A Lot Of Other Things
  47. Little Red Riding In The Hood

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