This is a youtube sendup of a simple Jew's desire to be a famous and powerful rebbe [leader of a hasidic sect], with all of the perks that modern America might have to offer.
The song is sung in American Yiddish.
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Controversial "I Want To Be A Rebbe" Video Taken Down Via Fraudulent DCMA Violation Notice
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
So it was a very funny video, but it was not really just comedy. It was well-written, biting satire. And it was carried on several blogs, including Hirhurim. And then R' Gil Student took a lot of flak for posting it, and decided that because so many people were grievously offended by it, considering it lashon hara or improper leitzanus, he would take it down.
At any rate, here are two links:
"Ich Vil Zain A Rebbe"
"I Want To Be A Rebbe"
Unfortunately both of these videos were removed. Keep checking. They may be uploaded again. Luckily I got it in time. I haven't been so lucky when I have waited for other videos which are no longer available due to complaints.