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Declan John Galbraith

Declan John Galbraith (born 19 December 1991, Hoo St Werburgh, Kent) is an English singer of Irish and Scottish origin. He and his family are now living in South East England. His grandfather was in a band, played several instruments, and took Declan to Fleadhs (concerts) he was participating in, and the mix of Scottish and Irish musical traditions inspired Declan and became his early musical influence.

Although Declan is a British citizen and singer, Declan is better known abroad, especially in China where his songs were chosen as part of the Chinese education curriculum for children learning English. In May 2008, Declan undertook a successful two cities tour in China, the cities included were Beijing and ShenZhen.

TELL ME WHY was made years ago. He's about seventeen now. He is still a fantastic singer.