"Who Shall Live", a Jewish High Holiday Video, is a 6 minute film that will change how you pray over the High Holidays.
It is a deeply moving video reminding us all where our hearts and minds should be as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
It is a montage of news photos from 5768 plus cantorial and modern music.
It is based on the High Holiday prayer, UNETANATOKEF which describes who shall live and who shall die in the coming year.

(Note: this video contains graphic images and viewer discretion is advised.)

Executive Produced by The David And Gitel Rubin Family of Los Angeles
Directed by Daniel Jankovic
Produced by Rabbi Daniel N Korobkin
Music by Aaron Symonds
Vocals by yehuda Solomon
Visual Effects by Ari Levinson
Photo Research by Renee Tod

Visit the website www.WhoShallLive.com