On this page, you will find links to other websites that you may find of interest.
Many of them are related to show business, some are the blog sites or personal websites of my friends.
A few are simply fun sites that I find personally entertaining.
In effect, I never have paid too much attention to my link pages and some of them may be out of date or simply non-existent at this time.
If you know of any website that you think my visitors would enjoy, by all means, send them to me in email at the email link below and if I agree with your assessment of them, I'll add them to this page.

If there are any dead links on this page, which simply means you click on them and you get a 404 does not exist error page, please let me know.
E-mail me at

Linked Sites Where I Am The Author Or Moderator

  1. My Facebook page,located at
  2. My Twitter Page

Other Linked Sites

  1. Best Jewish Jokes Website In The World
  2. New Jewish Singles Website; no fees whatsoever to join and no fees to use any of its features. Once you’ve sign up, you will see that this is truly a unique website “For Jewish Singles Only” which was created by a group of people who are only interested in matching Jewish singles with other Jewish singles. I believe it would be worth your while to check it out and spread the word to all of your Jewish friends.
  3. Jay Bittman Marketing: Full service internet marketing at prices that you can't afford to miss!
  4. The Blog Page of Keith Bruening - For people who like Sweets!
  5. The Like2Laugh Westchester County StandUp Comedy Group of which I was an original member
  6. Jewish Music Archive of the Save The Music Project
  7. Judaica Sound Archives - 5000 Jewish and Hebrew Songs You Can Listen To FREE
  8. Show Biz Resources For Actors And Comics
  9. Deezer! Listen to any song for free; No download but you can link to it on your blog or Web site
  10. Cleveland, Ohio Community Information and Events
  11. Euclid, Ohio Community Information and Events
  12. Links To You - Any Website Can Join
  13. Websites For Online Learning
  • Jacob Richman's interesting site from Israel
    Links to my daughter's Jewish Videos
    1. Introduction to Prayer of Thanks
    2. Prayer of Thanks English with subtitles
    3. Prayer of Thanks Hebrew with subtitles
    4. Introduction to the 50th Gate #ThePowerOfPrayer
    5. The 50th Gate Prayer 1 Hebrew with Subtitles
    6. The 50th Gate Prayer 1 English with Subtitles
    7. The Lost Princess- Rabbi Nachman's Stories #RavNachman
    8. Shorty’s Got The Midos - L'Chaim OG - Rachel Eimanu Official 4K Video

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