[NW Ohio]
By Shlomoh

Dr Barry asked,
"So how is it with you
 in that Great Middle
 which you said was the
 Garden of Eden?"

And I said:
It is not only
that the Middle
is like Eden
Eden was like the Middle

There is a crushing, soul deadening sameness
That broods over a flat land
With flat people
Who speak only one language
And have only one mind.

The Middle lacks variety
Has no nuance
To add the spice of life
that I once knew and loved.

Eden -
There brooded a deadening sameness.
A boring flatness
With only two elements
To stir the mind
And make it take notice -
The Forbidden Tree
And the Serpent.

All the animals simple and dumb
And two humans
Simple and dumb as they.
Leading their flat lives
With their one mind.

The numbing sameness
Crushed the Serpent's soul
Till at last
He creid out to the humans
"How long, oh humans, will you abide
 this living death? Eat of the Tree
 And live!"

"For He knows that you
 Will be as He
 And His name is Jealous!"

So they ate.
And the sameness disappeared
And they lived!
And their offspring
Built a Great City
In which were found
Many languages, Many minds,
Unflattened ...

And their name was Great!
As were their deeds ...

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