To My Sister, The BLessed One of Missouri
By Shlomoh
August 19, 2009

One day
We will know each other very well.
One day
We will be face to face.
One day
We will give one another
Embraces without end,
And kisses which will speak without words.
But our mouths will understand them
As will our hearts.
One day
We will be so close that
The NESHAMAH of one
Will blend with that of the other
In a holy, loving osmosis
So that
The final joy and bliss of love
Will be expressed -
And consumated.
One day
We will call each other
The sweetest names
That our language can express.
We will sigh and weep
Because of the nearness
Of each other.
And all the bitterness
And disppointments
Of the past
Will become
As a forgotten dream.
One day,
Sweetest BERACHAH -
But not today,
Not now.
That day is in the hands of Heaven.

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