In this area, you will find pages which describe my life as an entertainer [standup comic and actor].
I was in show biz from 2002 to 2006, a short career, I grant you. But I started late in life.
Of course standup comedy is a young person's venue and I could have started that career early in life, in my 20s just like all the other comics. But that would have meant that I'd have had to be funny for, who knows, maybe 50 - 60 years.
To tell the truth, I'm a lazy bastard. I only wanted to be funny for maybe 15 -20 years .... and I didn't even make it that far. As for making it in acting, you either have to be lucky, know someone, or be sexually attractive. Oh yeah - sometimes having talent helps. But talent is the least of all your assets for becoming successful as an actor.

On the links page of this website, you'll find a link to a resource page for aspiring entertainers. Go check it out. It might help you in your career or in the career of someone you know. There's also a link to it on this page.
You'll also find on the links page a link to the TRU community, a supportive network of theater companies, producers and self-producing artists where you can sign up for the TRU Weekly Update, listings of resources and services for the performing arts community.

For any show business aspirant reading this, I wish you MAZEL TOV. In other words, "Break a leg!"

The sexy guy in the photo to the left used to be me. It is my resume photo which all the top agents and directors on both coasts vied for. [NOT!]
If only I still looked that good.

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