For those poeple who appreciate a good laugh, I have gathered here a smattering of funny bits. At least *I* think they are funny. A word of warning. Like many things on this website, some of these bits are definitely NOT family values material. A good example of what you may want to skip if you are a traditonally religious person is John Butler's word from the Lord. Don't say I didn't warn you.
On the other hand, Sonya Claar's send up of My Sharona will have you rolling on the floor.
Of course the bits by George Carlin are priceless.
I am sure that there will be something here that EVERYONE will enjoy.

If you have a funny bit that you'd like to share with my visitors, please send it to me. Maybe if I get enough bits from you, I'll start a visitors' comedy page.

If you want to send me your own input on comedy, email me at

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